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RE: What does it mean for me to be a Steemingzen? - Community Growth Programme | ¿Qué significado tiene para mi ser un Steemingzen? - Programa de crecimiento Comunitario [ENG | ESP]

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Thank you for sharing your view about the "governance" of steeming community. I think you have understand well the mission and vision of this community. I hope other steemingzen too. We want people feel they're part of this so whoever had intentions of just coming here to only take out the value from this community, will now get to contribute 30% for the good of community as a collective, I hope they will embrace the community mission and vision as their own in steem too. We want to be self-sustained community on steemit, and I think this is the way,... Thanks again for this post, I'm happy and appreciate your support to this movement 🤗😊

 2 months ago 

Hi @cryptokannon, I am grateful for all the work that you and your team have been doing, I know that it is hard work, I know that there is a lot of passion and dedication, I know that a well-directed effort and a healthy and well-directed leadership will bring great success.

Thank you very much for allowing us to grow and make a space that we call home. I know that like me there are many who are excited about this whole movement and revolution within STEEMIT. I know that great and good things are coming for the benefit of all, I know that the commitment of each one of us is fundamental for the collective growth to be a tangible and secure fact.

Strong embrace and greetings from Venezuela, a country that refuses to die!