Sunday Musings: 100 Days of Steem, 1,000 Days of Steem, 5 Years of Steem...

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As a perpetual skeptic and a bit of a cynic, I actually love to be proven wrong when I fall into visualizing my worst-case scenarios.

Today the "100 Days of Steem" experiment — offered in daily doses by @steemitblog and generally "managed" by @steemcurator01 and the community curators — came to a close.


Although I was thoroughly skeptical at first — might as well be honest about it — I now find myself quite willing to admit that this initiative did a really decent job of refocusing the efforts and work of those still active here after the initial upheaval and unpleasantness following the Hive fork somewhat died down.

Truth in Disclosure: Yes, I have an account on the "other" chain and I am quite active there, too.

However, Further Truth in Disclosure: I also have an active Facebook account that includes multiple groups and pages, twitter accounts, six web sites and approximately a dozen other blogs.

Point being, I am more interested in social content creation than in fighting philosophical and ideological battles. I'm a blogger, not a political activist...


I Am A Content Creator...

And I generally don't give much of a rat's ass about "political" infighting and bickering UNLESS my body of work is at risk on account of the imminent shutdown of a venue.

As a Content Creator, I strive for exclusivity.

What I write here, isn't going to be published somewhere else. What I have published somewhere else isn't going to be published here.

Which I believe is as it should be — from a purely functional perspective — because Google and other search engines downranks duplicate content, meaning that when we put the same article in six different places, we are not making ourselves more visible, we are making ourselves less visible, by being participants to triggering an algorithm that assigns "less trust" to venues where multiple examples of the same content exists.

But I digress...


1,000 Days of Steem...

So, 100 Days of Steem has ended, and now we have 1,000 Days of Steem. Whatever that means to those who now run Steemit, Inc. and to the community, the coolest thing about this announcement is that... is a LONG TERM commitment.

A large part of the problem/challenge facing a great many (social) web content sites is that there tends to be a rather myopic focus on "what's hot TOMORROW." And then everyone forgets all about what we're going to be doing a year, three years, ten years from now.

So "1,000 Days of Steem" is a really positive development, from where I am sitting.


1,260 Days of Steem...

As I write these words, I have been on Steemit/Steem for 1,260 days.

In one of those amazing and slightly eerie coincidences, this will also be my 1,260th top level post, so precisely one post a day. ALL of those have been original, sitting down and starting with a blank page and an idea.

I've also left about 14,500 comments — many of them quite long — which adds up to about 11 1/2 comments per day.

Because two of the things that matter most in the web content creation field is consistency and engagement.


5 Years of Steem...

Back in the early days of this place, I followed and became friendly with @stephenkendal, possibly the most dedicated promoter of blockchain technology and Steem there is.

One of the things I really resonated with Stephen about was having the long term perspective. We were pretty aligned about the idea of giving this experiment (not my word, Dan Larimer's) five years before assessing... because that's pretty much how long it takes.

Unfortunately the cryptosphere and many business ventures are plagued by short-term thinking... so the idea of "testing" something for five years flies in the face of most mainstream thinking.

So, it is against that backdrop I have a positive feeling about the "1,000 Days of Steem" initiative.


And I think I'm going to end there... even though this post did not exactly go where I initially thought it would. But hey, that's part of the fun of blogging!

Thanks for reading!

How about YOU? What are YOUR thoughts about the future of Steem? When you started here, did you have a long term commitment, or was it "just for fun?" Do you think 1,000 Days of Steem will help (re)build the community? Or are you "just in it for the money?" Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment-- share your experiences-- be part of the conversation!

(As usual, all text and images by the author, unless otherwise credited. This is ORIGINAL CONTENT, created expressly for this platform — NOT A CROSSPOST!!!)
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True, the long term commitment we all have actually been waiting for is now open and out. They are doing great!

I like your less talk the talk mentality. Let us all be creators!

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