Sunday Musings: The Diary Game, Personal Journals and Ulogs...

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Why do we keep journals? Why do we commit our thoughts and actions to record books?

Aside from the obvious (in the context of the world of Steem) "In hopes of earning a reward," why do we do this? And how do we do this? What is ultimately our purpose?"


I am blogging here — keeping a "diary" of sorts — although I am not formally part of the current initiatives. Even though I do sometimes touch on the daily events and activities of my life, I'm about forty years past recording that I went to the market, and I ate lunch, and I fed the dog, and talked to Bob on the phone.

My thoughts these days revolve around philosophizing and writing commentary about the greater Human Condition and what motivates us all.

There's a synergy of sorts in this: I learn about myself through learning about others, and I learn about others as a result of exploring my own inner thoughtscapes.


I mostly write longer posts, although sometimes I write shorter posts.

I suppose "short" and "long" are relative terms... it only takes me a few minutes of exploring a topic, and I find myself looking at a 500-word post. But that's just my experience!

What I enjoy about the whole ball of wax is that this all amounts to an exploration of what it means to be alive and human.

We are — to loosely (mis)quote @surpassinggoogle — attempting to create the Internet of PEOPLE here.

I find that I am here because I am ultimately more interested in — and engaged by — reading about someone's life, story and feelings in a faraway country than I am drawn in by some technical analysis of what a stock or cryptocurrency might do, next week. Or how to assemble a computer from pirated parts.

In short, I am just more oriented towards people than I am towards things or information.


Not that I don't use information or things... but they are just more functional than they are interesting. I might use them, but I don't relate to them.

As of late, I haven't been as regular with my writing as I normally am. It's not really that I am experiencing a "creative drought" or anything like that, but I have been considering what angle to take with this blog.

I find myself pausing a but because the engagement level here in Steemlandia has dropped off to almost nothing. And without engagement (aka "comments") it's very difficult to build a community.

When I think back to some of my earliest days of blogging — we're talking late 1990's here — part of the "problem" was always that I'd write and write and write and WRITE and it seemed like the words would just float away on the breeze like leaves, never to be seen again by anyone.

Maybe it's just the ego of the creative person that you hope someone will see and read what you create... and interact with it.


So I ponder what keeps me going? I suppose it's the hope that — in time — things will get better. After all, it has not been that long since February 14th...

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you've all had a great weekend!

How about YOU? Why do YOU share your story? For the readership/following? Or just for the rewards? Does ENGAGEMENT matter to you? Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment-- share your experiences-- be part of the conversation!

(As usual, all text and images by the author, unless otherwise credited. This is ORIGINAL CONTENT, created expressly for this platform — NOT A CROSSPOST!!!)
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Hi @denmarkguy, it is interesting to read your thought about why we are here. Initially who knows what brought single of us here, in our case, my hubby said that there are some artists who posting chatting and getting rewards for their Artworks. I was thinking of restarting my Art but did not really have inspiration and I suspect that was the reason why my hubby gave me that hint.

I agree with you that before split Steem has had much more activities, a lot of comments, curation trials and it was live there.

I live to read and write comments nowadays when I read some good posts and see no reaction from other users that makes me very sad.

I believe nowadays because of the Diaries and the rewards for that people seems to be there for that.

But there are some of people who I met before and actually due to one of the engagement into the discussion on @steemitblog I read your comment and liked the why you think and express your thoughts and that is why I liked. That made me to visit your blog and learn more about you. That is what such blockchain for but with side effect of rewards and not rewards in the first stage and communication as a second.

I am glad that you keep some type of diary and using Steem for that. As always it is nice to read your posts.

Thanks for the nice comment @stef1!

I ended up here accidentally... a friend sent me a link to an article about "Basic Income" which just happened to have been written on the old Steemit. I looked around and thought it seemed like an interesting format for social content... and now I have been part of it for 3.5 years.

I am hoping this "Diary" initiative will encourage more "real" people to post and interact again... but Steem feels more and more like a "foreign country" to me; I hardly recognize any of the people anymore, but I still try to find good content and newer users I like.

I am not sure what direction this community will go in the long run, I just hope that it does keep going for a while.

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