MUSIC FOR STEEM week #2 - "Por siempre tu" // "I tourn to You" cover by @dianakyv

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Hola mis queridos amigos steemians hoy me siento super contenta de compartirles mi primera entrada en este grandioso concurso, justo hace unos días me tope con esta maravillosa iniciativa y escribí para saber mas información al respecto, pues no lo pensé mas, decidí unirme y mostrarles el cover que hoy les traigo, es el tema de "Por siempre tu" - "I tourn to you" de Christina Aguilera. La música es mi mundo, la música es realmente mi todo!. Espero que les guste!.

Hello, my dear Steemian friends, today I am super happy to share my first entry in this great contest, just a few days ago I came across this wonderful initiative and wrote to know more information about how to participate, because I did not think about it anymore and decided to share the cover that I bring you today. Music is my world, music is really my everything!

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Eres profesional! Excelente.

Gracias mi amigo!, estoy justo trabajando para dar lo mejor!... Gracias por escuchar y apreciar el trabajo!.

Gracias a ti por mostrarnos tu bella voz.

OHHHMMGGOSHHH. What happened from minute 3??? You are incredibly talented and why are you not on number 1 in the Hitlists?

Thank you for being awesome! You just got upvoted by the @steemingcurators. We are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator02 account to support the best content on Steemit!

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We hope you like live music too because #musicforsteem

lol oh my God! ... thank you very much for your comment, I really appreciate it and appreciate it, thank you for the support, I will continue working to give you what I love so much! the music.

That is amazing! We look forward to your songs every single week!! If you have social media like Twitter, please also share it over there. We are going to focus more on that from now on! When shared, you can always post links to that in a comment to get extra support! Thanks

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Diana THANK YOU for participating in the new MusicForSteem!!

You are absolutely incredibly talented and we are forever grateful to have you on the Show!

You are IN for sure and stay tuned for the results!

It is an honor for me to be here participating, thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity, blessings for you! Thank you for such beautiful words and for appreciating my work!

What a beautiful voice you have! Well done and cheers to many more

woouuu thank you very much @wnfdiary, it is really wonderful to read comments like this! thanks for the support! a hug!.

Que bella interpretación, me alegra verte por aquí... ❤️❤️

hola @rypo01 gracias..... Es gusto también saber que estas aquí,y si estas participando le echare un vistazo a tu entrada!.

Increíble interpretación... Siempre he dicho que tu talento no cabe en ningún lugar porque te arraigas dentro de cada corazón de quien te escucha...

Dani, gracias por estas palabras y siempre por tu apoyo!.

Naguará de Bella ^-^

jajajajaja hola @elisonr13 que alegría verte por aquí! gracias por pasar y comentar! un abrazo!".