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RE: Steeming Community comment contest || HOW YOU HAVE SPENT YESTERDAY ON STEEMIT?? || Date: 7th June,2021

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how I spent yesterday on steemit

I really do have a productive day on steemit yesterday, I make sure that I utilized my time very well, I've participated in a contest @steemhealthcare community, the contest was about introducing oneself, and it was fun and creative. I took second prize and I was so happy here is the link to the contest I also spent quality time to make comments on people's contents and I also replied to my comments. That was it, so I will say I had quality time on steemit yesterday.
I'm inviting my friends @eliany, @gracyakan @emyekanem @rich9090 and @ernestjohn to join in this comment Contests. Thanks


Thanks for the vote @boss75

Nice one @ goodybest