Invest in Steemit, Power up!

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If we talk about investment, immediately we conclude some possibilities. Many negative opinions will then arise especially among not business-minded people like me. But I have realized that unknowingly the moment we register in steemit we open up investment and we are the manager. Most of the time, after hours spent in creating a draft, the moment we click on the "post button" all that's in our mind is the curators' upvote. It's like making a product, we are hopefully waiting for buyers to embrace it when in the market display. And when it is sold, we are very excited to create more to earn more. And then we look for more strategies on how to grow that business and be sustainable in the long run.

Here in Steemit, we should also look for ways on how to grow our account, particularly our steem power. This is also an online investment no different from that of an offline business. I will be a hypocrite to say I don't desire to withdraw my earned SBDs. Though all of us are in need, it is unhealthy to forget that we also need to take care of our steemit account. We should also spare most of our earnings for Power Up. Do I've withdrawn my SBDs? Yes! I've withdrawn at once, I use it to finance in my charity event. I want to spend it in memorable ways.


Let us start to condition ourselves to power up and grow our account in our little ways. Let us be a steemian who thinks about the future of the steemit. Even a small amount of steem if power-up can be accumulated into something big in the long run. Many of us are just users who can't invest in one stop so let us continue to be active here in steemit as it is the most accessible way to earn steem. Join a contest, be part of every community's activity. Let us continue creating a quality post here in steemit. At all costs be original. In this way, we can continue to earn steem so we have something to power up then.

It is impossible for an investment to grow if one will not aim to grow his investment. It is the very basic rule if you are into business right? That is why those who are ahead in this platform must share their understanding of the importance of investing in newcomers. It is good to educate the newcomers at this early stage to become steemit investors. In that way, it can give progress to the communities. I know that it will create confusion for many, especially that our understanding of Steemit is to blog and earn. We should understand that steemit is also a social business. I have admired the thinking of these successful people here on steemit like @dobartim, @xpillar, @cryptokannon. They are a good example of successful steemians. They will not have success today if they have not invested in steem. They are the steemians who believe in investing their steem and see the truth of their steem power. We can slowly follow their ways, who knows we can be like them someday.
If we long to stay on this platform, we all should think that this is an investment we need to grow along with our reputation. If we all think this way, I think in the long run our steemit journey will be a great story to the newbies.

For us to grow in Steemit, let us now start to “Give and receive”... Together let us Power Up!

“ I will donate 30% of my income in this post to Steeming Community and their charity”.



Wow.that is nice

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Thank you @joelmaxwell, I hope you've learned something from my post. Especially the reasons why we need to power up.😀

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All this seems wonderful to me.

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Hello friend @leny28, Hope this post helps you and can add to your knowledge about steemit.

There's a big call for power up.. We need to learn to reinvest into the community.. Thanks for this post @juichi

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Hello friend @danie2funny, for us to grow let us help ourselves first through powering up.

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Great job @juichi.

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Thank you @rfprincess.

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let me see if I can be one 🙂

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You must!😂

Im inspired once again @juichi

This is so helpful. Thank you sir @juichi

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Welcome sir @gilbertthegreat, for us to grow in this platform “ power-up is a must”.😀