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RE: Steeming Community Important Announcement

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Hi @cryptokannon and @steemingcuration. I would like to apply to be a moderator of this community. My name is Alejandro. I am from Venezuela. I know you currently have two Venezuelan moderators, but we could form a threesome.

Why should I be chosen as a moderator ?: I am an old user of the platform. I joined Steemit in 2017, so I know how to handle it a lot. I also know how to use markdown a lot, so I can be doing layouts for the community. I have noticed that the posts are not justified. For this I use templates. You can go see my publications and see the quality of them. I speak English and Spanish too, so I am also good at translating.

I can also be useful for creating designs, with Canva, for posts. I can be a moderator, and make a selection of posts daily like the colleague @advhl does. I have a lot of free time, so I can take care of checking the community frequently to see the posts that are made.

I think I am very skilled and have always wanted to be part of a community team. I hope you can take me into account. I don't have a lot of SP to delegate to the community, but I can help by giving 30% of the rewards of the posts of the daily selection in case of having the support of Booming accounts.

Please let me know if you are interested in my support. Greetings for you :)

You can find me on Discord as Psicoparedes#5529. I have just joined the Discord server

#onepercent #venezuela #affable

 2 months ago 

awesome! thank you for joining us 😃

Good am Fatai Ekundayo @dayographix

@cryptokannon and @steamingcuration i want to know if the application for the moderator of this Great Community is still open.

 25 days ago 

@dayographix we are not currently offering mod applications. We are enough currently. Maybe in the future there might be some new application, but not for now