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Steemit is a blogging site where you can share your opinions, advice, etc. with the world and you will earn dollars by sharing opinions.
There are basically three ways to earn income on Steemit.

  1. By writing a post
  2. Upvotes in other posts
  3. Comments on other people's posts.

How do I earn dollars by posting on Steam?

By writing a post

When you make a post on Steemit, your followers will get dollars only if they "upvote" it. How many dollars you get will depend on the "steem power (SP) and voting power" "of those who voted and commented on you.
How do I earn dollars by upvoting someone else's post?

Upvotes in other posts

You get a curation reward when you upvote someone else's post. How many dollars the curation reward will receive will depend on your own voting value.
The higher your voting value, the more dollars you can earn.
How do I earn dollars by commenting on other people's posts?

Comments on other people's posts

When you comment on someone else's post, you get dollars if someone uproots your comment. How many dollars you get depends on the voting value of the upvote.
How many dollars can be withdrawn after a while?

seven days after you post one

You can take dollars from that post.

100% power up post.