A Better Life with Steem - Butter cookies

Butter cookies.

Today we are going to prepare some delicious shortbread cookies.

The sale of these cookies will serve as the seed of a company that I want to start, I just hope it sells very well so that I can do more again and continue selling to help me pay for the things I need to start college.

With this I already have two items that I am selling, cookies and ice cream, ice cream is sold only when there is enough of it and people are hot, that is what I have noticed, with cookies I can sell them no matter the weather.


-290 gr. Wheat flour
- 250 gr. Butter at room temperature
- 3 egg yolks
- 75 gr. Sugar
- 1 pinch of salt
-5 ml. of Vanilla Essence.

Herramientas de trabajo:

- Oven tray
- Blender
- Vegetable butter
- Dry kitchen towels
- 2 large Bowls - Sifter
- Silicone shovel
- Meters.


With the help of a strainer we are going to strain the wheat flour using a balloon whisk and reserve it.

Then we are going to place our butter in a container with a shovel we are going to begin to beat for 1 minute until it creams perfectly, now we add sugar little by little, if you get lumps you can undo them with your fingers or fists, The sugar is placed on the side, we add the other part of sugar and we continue beating again for 15 seconds, we add the last part the 3 yolks and we continue beating we must do it until all our preparation is white.

Then we put the reserved flour and beat until homogeneous, add the vanilla and salt, continue beating until the mixture is uniform.

We reserve in the fridge while we prepare the mold as is traditional, place butter and flour.

The resulting dough is kneaded again, with the help of some molds of your favorite figure we begin to make our cookies, in this case they are ducklings and clovers.

Once finished, we bake it in an oven, but in my case my uncle is going to help me bake it on a spit, since there is no gas here, it is the first time that we are going to do it like this, let's see how it works.

And this is the result, they looked very good, you have to control the heat very well but I don't know that detail, my uncle does know, how did he do it? bake on a grill. He can tell you @jorgebgt .