Steeming Community Weekly Mini-Contest My Name is Who? Season 2

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Hello there! My name is @sarimanok and my friends call me Ate Glo. I am way far beyond my youth days though I still consider my life with Steemit as a survivor and yet willing to learn more about the world of Blockchain and cryptos.

Why did I chose my username @sarimanok

I hail from the 2nd largest island in the Philippines which the Mindanao Island. I grew in a place with 90% Muslims though I was raised the Christian way. Despite of it, we had good relationship among our Muslim brothers and sisters since my grandfather who was a I WW US Vet was a philanthropist, helping our constituents regardless of creed and culture and belief.

Sarimanok is a legendary folklore of the Maranao Tribe in Marawi City where I grew up. It is often carved in wood and metal crafts as part of their traditional heritage. Sarimanok is depicted in different colors which I belief describe my personality as a woman of courage with various talent in needleworks, handicrafts and cooking. I am a writer by profession before I joined Steemit which is advantageous in this platform.

My Experience in Steemit while using the @Sarimanok username

Like the colorful Sarimanok, I have experienced another realm of the Crypto World through writing. I have met new friends online through the different communities that were selflessly created for us to tackle of what's best for us based on our prowess.
New doors were opened for us all to learn and earn which is hard to find in the real world without so much effort. With Steemit, all you need to do is focus and be active in your chosen community. I belief and I am confident that I will reach my hopes and dreams with Steemit.

I hope that you will accept me as one of your virtual friends here on Steeming Community. Rest assured that I will try my very best to meet your expectations in me as @Sarimanok.

If given the choice, I would still stick to me username: @Sarimanok because it fits my persolity and I was known for this in which I want to keep it that way.


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Hmm now I know Sis bakit @sarimanok fits you well tapang gid yah sa hamon ng buhay.

Yes sister. Wag paaapi sa lahat ng oras at wag din mang-api o manglluko sa iba dahil karma is real.

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hello @sarimanok
You are very much welcome in this community🙂

Thank you!
Am glad to know that. Thanks for the warm welcome!

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need tayo mag introduce sa kanila mam?

Hello, subscribe ka lang sa community then make your post. You will be given instructions on what to do next.

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Ay,ok ka na pala. Di ako makapasok kanina eh.