How to delegate your steem power to @steemingcuration?

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Hello Steeming Community members, in this post we will show you how to delegate to @steemingcuration our community curation account. Our mission is to be self-sufficient in the long run by joining hands in building up this curation account through delegation or by joining our curation trail. We hope that you will be joining us.

How to delegate to @steemingcuration Community account

Step-1: First, Log in to your account on steemworld. Click this link but type your steemit account name after the "@" on your search browser


Step-2: You will see multiple options while navigating. Please select "Delegations".


Step-3: Next is please select "Delegate".


Step-4: Please enter steemingcurators to account blank box, and put the amount of SP you want to delegate. Please make sure that you have a balance of at least 30SP left in your account so you still get the mana/resource credit to keep posting and commenting on Steemit.


Step-5: Click "Ok" and follow the instruction on log in with "Private Active key" or "steemlogin". Your delegation can be check at the "outgoing" tab.


That's it! Easy to do not more than 3 minutes of your time. Thanks so much in advance for your support! 😃

Kind Regards,
Steemingcuration Community Team.

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Hi @steemingcuration

I have delegated 2500SP - Date 4/6/2021
Cc: @cryptokannon

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Thank you! 😃

 17 days ago 

Hello maam @cryptokannon, Thank you for sharing this in detailed. I just added my delegation to the community but not that big. I promise I will be delegating more soon. I will strive hard in posting to help this community. God bless to the community.

 16 days ago 

Thank you! Every SP helps! 🤗

 16 days ago 

It’s my pleasure to be part of this community.

 last month 

this is a very good explanation and very detailed. thank you sister @cryptokannon

Thank you for sharing a very useful tutorial, because with the tutorial post we can learn here.

Very interesting for showing us the approach regarding how to join steeming community

Please take a look in my diary game because I do not receive any support till now. Is anything specific i have to do to support me. Diary2

Hi @cryptokannon

Should I delegate to @steemingcuration -- as indicated in your earlier post -- or make my delegation to @steemingcurators as before?

 29 days ago 

Hi @william8wayward @steemingcuration is a community curation account and we are not sure about steemingcurators account. You may delegate to @steemingcuration account if you want to support Steeming Community. Cheers!

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hello good morning, @rye143 this is what Ive told you the step by step in delegating...

 23 days ago (edited)

Hello @steemingcuration .

Delegate 25SP - Date: 16/04/2021

As part of my contribution to the growth of the community, I will continue to delegate more SP and larger amounts in the future. greetings!

 12 days ago 

Aloh @steemingcuration and @cryptokannon, I have delegated SP following the steps recommended through link posted by @psicoparedes and @tipU. May not be that much but hopefully I help in my little way. I will strive hard in posting to help this community. Looking forward to grow in this community.

 12 days ago 

Hello @traderpaw, thank you so much for your delegation. Your support is really nice

 12 days ago 

Thank you. Let's do this! Steem on!