Monthly Report of Steeming Community: Month of April 2021

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Hello, people of Steemit!
We would like to use this post to announce our Steeming Community monthly report on:

  • the activities that we have done the whole month of April
  • updating Steemingzen members on our budget and earnings for the month of April
  • the payout for our delegators of @steemingcuration account.
  • weekly update of our delegators
  • growth planning for the community

Our activities in the past month

Steeming Community have launched these contests:
Steeming Community Weekly Mini Contest : Hypothetical Scenarios Contest Edition#1

📢 Steeming Community Weekly Contest 01 : What if Coronavirus Never Come?

Steeming Community Weekly Mini-Contest: “ My Name is Who?”

Steeming Community Weekly Mini-Contest “ My Name is Who?” Season 2

Delegate to “Steeming Community” and Win Big Prizes!

Weekly Reports:
Weekly Update of Steeming Community : Week 3 of April (19/4/2021)

Weekly Update of Steeming Community : Week 4 of April (26/4/2021)

Steeming Charity in Action

One of our moderators @advhl assisted by @jesusremaj7 has run a charity mission in Venezuela using @steemingcharity fund that is from Steemingzen contribution from their 30% payout and which we put 10% of the 50% liquid SBD/Steem payout into @steemingcharity account.
We have used 160steem from @steemingcharity fund for this charity mission.

Here are the reports on this charity mission that she has completed successfully.
The Charity Mission Proposal
Steeming Charity in action//Steeming Charity en acción

The Report on the Charity Missions
Steeming Charity First Activity // Primera actividad Steeming Charity

Steeming Charity: Proteins for Low-Income Families // Steeming Charity: Proteínas para familias de bajos ingresos.

Steeming Budget for the Month of April 2021.

The table below shows how we have used the earning of @steemingcuration(50% SBD/steem payout. We try not to touch or powering down the 50% SP reward as we want to build up the steem power of @steemingcuration community curation account until it hit its own 500KSP.

115/4/2021liquid reward from SBD conversion157
219/4/2021liquid reward from SBD conversion772
319/4/2021power up 30%231
419/4/2021team incentive 20%154
519/4/2021contest prize/delegators payout*308
719/4/2021contest prize20
826/4/2021liquid reward from SBD conversion963
926/4/2021power up 30%290
1026/4/2021team incentive 20%192
1126/4/2021contest prize/delegators payout*385
Balance carry forward832

📢 51% APY for delegators of steemingcuration

In the month of April, @steemingcuration is able to give delegation tips of 35% APR to our delegators from their total of Steem Power delegated to @steemingcuration and about 16% APR from 100% curation reward(SP that paid in Steem) and also TRX,
this makes a total of about 51% APR reward to our delegators !
If you been delegated for example 3000SP that is currently worth $2435, last months' payout from us will give you about $106 worth of Steem and TRX. You get about 51% APR out of your Steem Power delegated to us, I think it is the best deal from a community curation account like @steemingcuration if compare to other community 😊

Payout to our delegators for the Month of April

The table below show the amount of Steem and TRX to be paid to our delegators monthly. Some of our delegators increase their delegation from time to time, and we will calculate their average SP delegated to @steemingcuration by referring to our weekly report post where we update our delegators weekly.

NoUserSteem Power DelegatedTotal Steem PaidTRX reward

Delegators list weekly update on the period of (2/5/2021-9/5/2021)

NoUserSteem Power Delegated
Total SP delegated10,053

We hope that more members will delegate to us and enjoy 100% of the curation reward that is including Steem and TRX rewards that will be paid on monthly basis and on top of this a delegation tip up to 35% APR depending on @steemingcuration monthly earning. You could earn up to 51% APR from your delegation to our community curation account 🤩

Growth planning for the community

The team will keep on brainstorming the ideas, planning, and other things that will help in growing this community in every aspect be it financially and also their life in general.
This will be done through contests, tutorials and guides from our moderators and other activities that promote growth in the community and the steem community as a whole. We all want steem blockchain to be running and operating as long as possible and want to see the Steem token appreciate in value as time goes by too.

Thank you for your support and contribution to this community growth, we will be working in unity to achieve our goal and mission of this community.
Until then, keep steeming!

Steeming Community Team.

Delegate to @steemingcuration community curation account and get up to 51% APR on your SP delegation!

25 SP100 SP250 SP500 SP1000 SP1500 SP2500 SP

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All payouts both steem and Trx has been sent to our delegators~ 😍🤩🤗

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This is very interesting. I think 🤔 I am going to increase my delegation.

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yay! Thank you for your support to Steeming Community 🥰😀

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It's my pleasure. Thanks too for the great curation work.

I have now increased my delegation to 5000SP

I already delegated a little SP, when I have a lot of SP, I will add more



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I will continue to give my best for this community

I really look forward to attaining greater heights with steemit... Ive been verified though.... I need upvotes too and what do i do now am verified.. Please?

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Thanks for being so transparent mam... A lider like you is the best

Hola quiero ser parte de la comunidad por ello
Acepto ser parte de Steeming Community comprometiéndome con la Prueba de apoyo al 30% del beneficiario de @steemingcuration

 last month 

Es una excelente inversión asumir la delegación