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RE: Steeming Community Weekly Contest: "Dear Steemit" | Starts of Week #03 and Announcement of Week #02 Winners

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All prize has been sent to the winners. cc @fabio2614

 5 months ago 

thank you so much @cryptokannon

Hola amiga @fabio2614, saludos cordiales deseo preguntar En que forma recibiremos el pago del premio obtenido?

 5 months ago 

friend, I just did a follow-up... I'll just update you later ok. Thanks for this kind reminder

Si amiga. Por favor. Gracias 🙂

 5 months ago 

hello friend, your upvote prize was in this post

your "dear steemit post was near to expire so it was your latest post that was submitted... thanks

Que bien, muchas gracias 🙂✌