Steeming Community comment contest || HOW YOU HAVE SPENT YESTERDAY ON STEEMIT?? || Date: 10th May,2021

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"About The Contest"

Steemit has become an integral part of our lives. While spending time on Steemit, we do a lot of activities, face a lot of events. Some posts touch our minds, some moments make us feel bad, some events make us laugh. We can share with others what we witnessed or happened to us on Steemit. This is our fourth day of the contest.

Please write in the comment section "HOW YOU HAVE SPENT YESTERDAY ON STEEMIT."


  • This is a comment contest. For participating in the contest, you must make your entry in the comment. You can use any language.
  • You can write a minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 100 words.
  • The use of images in your comment is not mandatory. You can use a maximum of two images in your comment.
  • To be considered for the reward, you must be a 💧Steemingzen member. To learn more about membership, please click here.
  • You can earn Bonus if you refer this contest to your friends.


You can make your entry till 12th May 5.59 PM UTC. This contest will be done on daily basis.

"Prize Pool"

Top 10 entries of this contest will be liquid steem if they fulfill all the conditions. Please read all the rules before participating in the contest.

"Yesterday's Winners"

Last day, we got 9 participants. But 7 fulfilled all the conditions. As per rule, a total of 5 steem will be divided into 7 persons.

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 7 months ago 

All prize for "Yesterday's Winners" has been sent
cc @boss75

 7 months ago (edited)


Good evening everyone,yesterday wasn't a very funny one for me because of my health challenge. I had a short trip and when I returned yesterday I was down with fever and headache so I had to rush to a pharmacy and get myself drugs because health is wealth.

The pharmacy.

When I got back home,I still pick up my phone and logged in to my steemit account and wrote some post,after which I registered my two recruits @ironlady001 and @chizzylvu.
Finally I took my drugs,had my dinner and went to bed.

My drugs.

I invite @pricelesspresh,@ruggedangel and @kadosh2340 to join in this contest.

So sorry about your health situation.

Hope you are stronger now

 7 months ago 

Hola apreciados amigos de la comunidad, siempre me mantengo activo en la plataforma #steemit el día de ayer ayude a una nueva usuario a completar su primer logro.

Explicando a mi sobrina como elaborar su primer post

Luego por la tarde me puse a publicar algunas cosas pendientes entre ellas el concurso de escribe una carta a #steemit.


invito a participar @andrepao, @felix.gonzalez, @relz

 7 months ago 

hola, el día de ayer no tuvimos internet y hace apenas unos minutos me conecte a la plataforma para revisar mis notificaciones y mandar mi diario del día de hoy, le di respuestas a las personas que me han escrito.


invito a participar @ennymar03, @vilmania, y @maivillarroel

Buenas tardes, el día de ayer me dedique a darles las bienvenidas a los nuevos usuarios en la plataforma #steemit, responder sus preguntas y orientarlos a seguir los pasos básicos para elaborar un post.


Foto de nuevo usuario respondiendo a mi Bienvenida/10-5-21

Todos los días hago este trabajo porque estoy agradecida de #steemit y de esta manera puedo apoyar en la plataforma.

Quiero invitar a mi amigo @josemen al concurso y a @elinav, @carlos89, @victornavarro, @franciscomendoza, @genesisdeguedes, @shamir17, @eneidapadilla @glendispadilla


I agree to be part of Steeming Community by committing to Proof of Support 30% beneficiary to @steemingcuration

 7 months ago 


Thank you so much

 7 months ago (edited)

La comunidad Steeming Community se mantiene activa y eso es cool nos mantienen activos y en una constante participación, y @steemingcuration ofreciendo premios, felicito tal iniciativa.


Día lluvioso en mi ciudad y sin Internet
Siempre trato de mantenerme activo dentro de la plataforma, participando, ofreciendo mis votos y comentarios a los que recién llegan a steemit, pero ayer se hizo bastante complicado con la lluvia y no había conexión de Internet en la casa.


Cuando al fin llegó la energía eléctrica me puse al día con mis publicaciones participando en varios concursos.


 7 months ago 

Steeming Community comment contest || HOW DO YOU SPEND THE MARINE AT STEEMIT ?? || Date: May 12. 2021

day and night I spent 8 hours on steemit, but today I spent more than 10 hours and what I did today with 10 hours is learning to read posts that have support from @ steemcurator01 I want to learn from their posts even I read them until over and over again, I pay attention to the style of language they use and from the way they write posts all of that I value, because I want to thrive in this world of steemit that I love and I don't hesitate to follow them all.

 7 months ago 

Saludos a todos,muchas gracias.

 7 months ago 


Mabuhay!!! Kumusta po kayong lahat. Sana nasa mabuti kayong lahat sa kanya kanyang mga bahay.I spent yesterday on steemit, i treat my children and niece on a eating trip.

Gusto ko silang pagbigyan sa gusto nila na kumain sa isang favorite namin na streets food. Kumain kami sa barbecuehan at pinabayaan ko silang e order ang gusto nila.

Ito yong order nila pork, isaw, chorizo, at saka puso. Masaya ako na minsan nadala ko sila dito. Kasi mula nung pandemic ngayon lang sila nkalabas ng ganito. May curfew pa kami magsisimula ng 8:00 pm kaya , pumunta kami nang mga 6:00 pm ng gabi. Ito po ang aking entry. Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahatmaraming salamat sa suporta.@momshie16, @ayingferry, @freshbeauty please participate...

My yesterday was awesome, I made one post on steem women club here is the link to it:
I also read and Comment on people's posts in different Communities, I replied to comments too. That's how I spent my yesterday. @eliany, @pricelesspresh @ruggedangel @dianabrown, @obrisgold come and tell us how you spend your yesterday on steemit

Hello Steemians, I went through the content trends to see if there is any way I could participate in, I was able to makes post about the 7 elements of nature in @steemgeography, I wrote about air. I also went through other content in Steemit and commented on down on them. so I experienced one of the worst thing that can happen to a blogger on Steemit. I had an inspiration to create a content. I was able to write up to 750 words and my phone started hanging, I could type or do anything with the phone. I had to reboot the phone but to my greatest astonishment,all the work that I had typed had wiped. I didn't know if I should cry or what. I was not able to make the post again because what I had in mind was gone. I intent to always save my work now before posting.
I invite @kanuprecious, @rose-o and @confydence to make a post

 7 months ago 

Steeming Community comment contest || HOW DO YOU SPEND THE MARINE AT STEEMIT ?? || Date: May 10, 2021

I spent yesterday looking at and repeating a lot of contests that I have participated in, and seeing again how I can get better at every activity I do in the work that I have convinced to progress and be successful, even though there are still many mistakes. there are but it doesn't make me feel discouraged and discouraged in that matter, I always learn and always repeat and look back on these things to spend my time as knowledge and also future successes for me at this time.

Hi fellow streemians am here to talk about how i spent amost 8 hours on steem today 12gh may 2021 i was on the site searching more about it and then i found a contest which was ny Expectation for steem in my community which i spent most of my day working on and then i latwr when for some more understanding of steem from an old streemians

 7 months ago (edited)


Good evening steemians , yesterday was a very fun day i enjoyed a little bit if it ,
Yesterday i and my friend to get my dog food (billy) and later i went to the veiwing center to watch yesterday football match between manchester united vs liecester city ,in which man u lost by 2 goals to 1 and i bought fish along the way with my friend and we drank palm wine after the match because we are both a chelsea

 7 months ago 

En @steemit , estimado @steemingcuration, siempre la paso bien. Procuro ponerme al día con los post informativos, con los comentarios y los concursos para seguir aprendiendo, pues, lo necesario es lo que no sabemos, y lo que sabemos es necesario fortalecerlo.
Este blog ha generado grandes satisfacciones personales en corto tiempo. He podido desarrollar contenidos creativos únicos, a veces, es una contradicción porque no he recibido nada, pero me alienta a seguir adelante ya que la imaginación es tan infinita como el horizonte, así que de nuevo me animo a seguir creando, fantaseando, participando y aplaudiendo a los moderadores y #steemians.

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