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We all love to do photography We love to capture many moments in our daily life, during play, during travel, etc. We are optimistic that today we will be able to see some great pictures. We would like to invite all the Steemians to participate in our contests to grab the prizes. For more updates, keep following @steemingcuration.

"Today's Topic"

  • Travel Photography

Travel Photography highlights the cultural, historical, touristic, or iconic aspects of an area. Images can be used for editorial or commercial purposes, depicting the ambiance of a place, as well as the feeling one gets from the land, people, and cultures that inhabit it.source You can see the sample of travel photography here.


  • Photo must be yours. No photos from the internet will be nominated.
  • This is a comment contest. For participating in the contest, you must make your entry in the comment. You can use any language.
  • To be considered for the reward, you must be a 💧Steemingzen member. To learn more about membership, please click here.
  • You can edit photos to make them more attractive if you want.
  • Please mention your device name, the place with your photo in the comment.
  • One entry per person is allowed.


You can make your entry till 30th May 5.59 PM UTC. This contest will be done on daily basis.

"Prize Pool"

Top 15 entries of this contest will be rewarded 0.80 Steem each if they fulfill all the conditions. Please read all the rules before participating in the contest.

"Last Day's Winners"

Last day, we got 40 participants. 35 were valid. It was really tough to choose the top 10 photos. According to rules, the top 15 photos will be rewarded 0.80 steem each.

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Photograph taken with my Alcatel 3 (2020) in the recreational park "Don Rafael Montaño", the most touristic part of Carúpano, Sucre state (Venezuela), characterized by its large white dome, where they do all kinds of activities and celebrations, such as carnivals. And also for its large recreational space where you can spend a pleasant time.


Feliz Tarde. Entrego mi participacion con una fotografia turística de una viaje que realice al Archipielago Los Roques en Octubre 2015.

Esta fotografía fue tomada por una amiga desde mi teléfono movil Samsung S3


 4 months ago 


Date of photo : 08-April-2021.
Time : 06:03:53 Nepal Standard Time.
Place : Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal.
Camera : Xiomi Note 9 Power
Flash : No
Focal Length : 4.71mm
Exposure : 1/1265
ISO : 99.

 4 months ago 


Good day steemians! This was the time when we went to "TRANSCENTRAL HIGHWAY" or also known as TCH at the Northern part of Cebu in Balamban. We went there for a ride and to distress because that week was so stressful, I had heavy loads of paperwords. thanks to my husband @jmaxswivel to accompany me... We used IPHONE XR to took the picture...

Thank you and have a great day!

Love Lots,


 4 months ago (edited)

Thank you for choosing me as one of the winners @steemingcuration and congratulations to all. This is my entry for today.

It is located in Nueva Vizcaya, Ifugao - Mountain Province Rd, Banaue Ifugao, Philippines.
The photo was taken during my travel to Baguio with friends way back 2016, and Banaue Rice Terraces was one of our itinerary. It is one of the amazing spots in the Philippines, that were carved into the mountains of Banaue, Ifugao by the ancestors of indigenous people. Ifugao culture revolves around rice and it elaborates array of celebration linked with agricultural rites from rice cultivation to rice consumption. In fact, Banaue Rice Terraces were declared by the Philippine government as a National Cultural Treasure under Ifugao Rice Terraces. Ifugao people have also an indigenous religion based on the uniqueness to their traditional culture and to the preservation of their life ways and valued traditions. They believe in the existence of thousands of gods, which may enter specific sacred objects such as the bul-ul. Bul-ul is a carved wooden figure used to guard the rice crop by the Ifugao. Using phone Samsung Galaxy Y.

 4 months ago 

Hola 👋.

Está es mi entrada, estas fotos fueron tomadas en Venezuela ubicado en el estado Aragua en un pequeño pueblo llamado "Colonia Tovar" fuí hace mucho tiempo cuando solo era una niña, pero los recuerdos siguen intactos, me gusta mucho recordar lo que viví allí; la comida, el frío, las flores, las artesanías que hacían de allí, las frutas súper deliciosas y mucho más. Me gustaría volver a ir ya que la mejor parte del viaje fue cuando subimos a una montaña y se podía contemplar el sembradío.


Fotos fueron tomadas de mi facebook, hace aproximadamente en el año 2012.

 4 months ago 

The travel that I want to share here is not a long journey with the aim of finding a phenomenal tourist spot
The moment that I appear from this trsvel is just a coincidence situation, when we visited a relative's house, in the middle of the trip, when we passed through the hilly area there was a place that was quite exotic, we stopped for a moment, took some photos, one of which is the one below

Hola @steemingcuration te presento mi foto diaria, es una foto tomada en el puerto de Oranjestad Aruba. Se puede apreciar un hermoso paisaje marino. Son fotos de mi autoria tomadas desde mi Moto g3 en el año 2013.


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 4 months ago 

Late for my entry still I want to share my travel photophraphy.

It was taken in San Remigio BEACH Resort together with my friends at work. The place is really captivating.

 4 months ago 

Good Day! Thank you so much for choosing my last pictures and here is my entry for the travel photography contest.

On our holiday we had this quick escape. We went to Awaji Island, Japan to witness this beautiful scenery.

This was taken last May 3,2021 using iPhone 11. Thank you 😊


 4 months ago 

Hola a todos los Steemingzen,moderadores y administradores de la comunidad, hoy comparto mi Travel Photography, fue tomada de una cámara Samsung propiedad de mi mamá en el año 2014, el lugar es una hermosa Playa en la Isla de Margarita-Venezuela donde 23 Zulianos nos encontrabamos disfrutando de un viaje familiar.


 4 months ago 


I've been in Negros Oriental and one of its Iconic Place that I visited was the Tierra Alta, famous for its majestic structure and fund filled activities and amenities like zip lining, swimming pool etc. This residential area maintained a good balanced of human-environment interaction.

Location: Negros Oriental Philippines
Device used: Vivo Lite Plus

Hello steemians! This is my entry for today's contest.

This photo was taken last Feb. 14, 2021 :) We were about to celebrate our anniversary and we've decided to have an anniversary rides. :)


Used Device: Huawei P30 Lite
Location: Trans Central Highway Balamban, Cebu City

my younger sister and I
I used Tecno Camon 15 phone to take this selfie with my younger sister the last time I traveled to my village to visit my parents in Akwa Ibom state Nigeria

 4 months ago 

Hello this is my entry


while on vacation

The place is located in gayo high land middle Aceh Takengon city Indonesia, its called oregon this place is one of the tourist destinations to enjoy the beauty of the city from the highlands

Device : Samsung A31

 4 months ago 

Hi @steemingcuration, this is @saneunji here's my entry for today's contest Travel Photography.


This picture was taken in Sirao Garden - one of the most popular attraction in Cebu Transcentral Highway (Busay-Sirao-Balamban). Also known as " Little Amsterdam " in Cebu. It attracts more guests because of it's beautiful flowers, instagrammable spots and infinity pool. This was taken using IPhone 6s.

Thank you. Hope you like my entry.

Hi dear fellow steemians its been a while. This photo was taken in Osmeña Peak, Cebu Philippines. This is one of the highest mountain in Cebu, Philippines. We are here to climbed on the top - it was very tiring and worth it. This was one of the nicest and coolest place on earth. You can visit here as well.

In this picture, I am with my friends - I missed them so much. Thank you.

This photo was taken in Vivo Y 15 smartphone

Best regards,

 4 months ago 

Muchas gracias por el apoyo @steemingcuration

 4 months ago 

My dear friends, this time I leave my participation where I show you my memory of the trip to Choroní, in the state of Aragua, Venezuela. They were incredible days, when the pandemic passed the first thing I will do is return to this place.

Photograph taken from my Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, for @rayven21. Venezuela, Agosto 2018.

Buen día Bendiciones y Abundante Amor, quiero compartir con ustedes, la ocasión que viaje junto a mi familia al Complejo Turístico 5J en la ciudad de Tinaquillo, Estado Cojedes, usando mi celular Le no o L18021 / f/21.8 - 1/617 - 3.50mm - ISO106 - 8.0MP.


 4 months ago 

Good afternoon everyone.
I want to thank @steemingcuration for this opportunity.
This is a picture I took on September 4th 2018 with my Tecno pouvoir LA6.
I visited Lekki conservation center at Lagos with my best friends and nieces. We saw plenty monkeys and went on the longest canopy walk in Africa which was very scary but cool. I had so much fun and would love to go again

 4 months ago (edited)

Hello steemingzen family... Here is my entry in the contest Daily Photography // Travel Photography


This is a photo of me captured by my phone LENOVO S7 . This photo of me in a breathtaking view of nature was took at ALICIA DAM one of Bohol tourist spot.

I use my s15 pro to take the shut

Hello @steemingcuration. This is my entry for this contest.
This picture was taken in Japan, one of their most beautiful park that full of different colors of roses .
I took this picture last 2016.
I was using my samsung galaxy S4 before.

 4 months ago (edited)

Hello Steemingzens!!! This is my travel in Universal Studio Singapore last 2015. I enjoyed so much this travel and felt like I was a kid.
I'm the one in red.
Photo captured by a Sony Digital camera


Una fotografía que hicimos para la posteridad, allí está mi esposo, mi hijo y yo. Vestidos iguales con camisetas de nuestro color favorito.

Está foto fue tomada con un teléfono Motorola G 5

 4 months ago 

All prize has been sent to the winners.
cc ; @boss75

Agradecida y muy feliz por elegirme, muchas gracias @steemingcuration💕

 4 months ago 

Thank you very much

 4 months ago 

Thank you for the appreciation.i'm so glad to know this🤗🤗

Gracias por la seleccion,estoy muy emocionada por participar y ser elegida desde aqui mi familia esta muy contenta,abrazos amigos #steemingcommunity