🔔🔔📢📢📢Steeming Community Delegation Contest Announcement Of Winners!📢📢📢🔔🔔

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Greetings to you all our beloved steemingzen!

We are thrilled by the support that we received from all of you especially from the delegators, who continue to support and trust us. As we promise you we will not fail and we will continue to serve our users as much as we can. We would like to acknowledge all the delegators and especially the silent ones who just gave their delegation but not participated in the contest. From our hearts “Thank you so much!”

Here is the list of Top delegators who won the week -long delegation contest;


To all winners here is your latest post that is subject to booming upvotes as your price!

First price 50$ 🏆



Second price 40$🏆



Third price 30$🏆



Thank you so much! Your delegations greatly help the steemingzen community. The Community Curation account, @steemingcuration, already has 14,000+ Steem Power and is continuously increasing. There is also a huge increase in the number of users in our community. This is a sign that the Steeming Community is growing. May you continue to support the current activities initiated by the moderators in this community.

Benefits of the delegators;

👍Monthly fixed income from steeming community depends on the amount of your delegated steem power.
👍We will make a monthly report and list of all the delegators for the information of many.
👍Your delegation also helps build and support the planned charity of this community.

🙏We are hoping that you will join us in this goal and we will strive hard to pay you back in return.
🙏We are sincere not to fail your trust and your support in making this community independent and sustainable whatever happens in the future.

Here are our latest contests;


Steeming Community Quick Delegation Guide


Delegate to @steemingcuration community curation account and get up to 51% APY on your SP delegation!

25 SP100 SP250 SP500 SP1000 SP1500 SP2500 SP


This contest is presented to you by,

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Congrats to all the winners! @kyrie1234 @mercy11 @ahmadbaidawi the winners' prize has been delivered to you with steemcurator01 upvote.

 last month 

upvoted my own comment so it gets on top and gets more visibility.

 last month 

Received it already mam... Thank you so much for the support, tnx as well to steemcurator01 for visiting our community.

 last month 

thank you madam @cryptokannon for choosing my post to be the winner and thanks also to @steemcurator01 for the upvote you gave ,, I can't say anything else I'm very happy this is your second visit to my post ... thank you all I love u

 last month 

Thank you so much maam @cryptokannon. I already received the reward. Thank you so much for the support always

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Thank you @steemingcuration and @juchi

 last month 

Nyan ka cindoi lom😂

 last month 

omg! Thank you so much for choosing me. And its my pleasure to delegate a wonderful, and has a brighter future community. And I do believe on the capacity mam @cryptokannon has plus the moderators who were so active esp our representative @juichi and @fabio... Congrats in advance steemingzens, I know this community will continue to grow ang boo ...

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Hello all!
Congratulations winners, hopefully you will always be passionate about the content.

my greetings @deltasteem from Indonesia.

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Congrats to all, We will expect your continued support to Steeming Community,

 last month 

thank you mister @juichi I will do my best to help this community

 last month 

Thank you sir. I can assure you that I will continue supporting this community.

 last month 

Thank you sir. I will guarantee you that I will continue helping this community.