Steeming Community Weekly Mini Contest : Hypothetical Scenarios Contest Edition#1

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Hello everyone! We would like to present to you our weekly ongoing contest that will be organize by our moderator Alejo @psicoparedes. This is very interesting contest and as the idea of this contest is to create more interaction in the community and that it can encourage creativity and imagination.
This dynamic is called HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIOS, and we will give you the guidelines as follow.


We will be providing you 3 different scenarios , each of them with a question at the end of it. As a result of these scenarios, you will write the development of them and you will try to answer the question posed. You can be as creative as you want, since the purpose of this game is to encourage the imagination.

The development of the scenarios must be separated between each mini story. That is, between each scenario there must be a space, at the end of their development, so that they can be differentiated more easily. For example, when starting to develop the scenario, you should identify them as follows:

SCENARIO 1: (here you place the scenario that we gave you) and below, the development of it. Then they set the following scenario.

SCENARIO 2: (here you place the scenario that we gave you), and below, the development of it.

SCENARIO 3: (here you place the scenario that we gave you) and below, the development of it.

You can also use images. If they are your own, even better. You can place pictures too, if you wish. Anything that helps complement your story.

This game will be developed in the comments of this publication. The number of words to use is up to you . Also, if you wish, you can create a separate post , and put it in the comment box of this post to be able to see it. This post is suggested to contain a minimum of 100 words, and there is no maximum. You can develop one of the three scenarios (your choice) in the post, or you can include all of them.

This week's scenarios are the following:

SCENARIO 1: If you could be prime minister / president of your country for one year, would you do it? what would you do?

SCENARIO 2: If you could make one of your senses a "super sense" which would you pick and why?

SCENARIO 3: If you were guaranteed to succeed, what is the one thing you would most want to do? explain.


1st place: 15 STEEM
2nd place: 10 STEEM
3rd place: 5 STEEM

The prizes will be given for those who have the most creative development of the given scenarios. The participants who develop all of the scenarios have more chances of winning.

Closing Date : 18th April 2021.

Instructions to participate:

  • Develop the 3 scenarios below in the comment box (there is no minimum of words).
  • You can create a separate post if you wish, recreating one or all of the scenarios. Minimum 100 words. Use the #steemingcommunity, #steemexclusive tags and post it at the Steeming community.
  • You can invite a friend (optional).
  • You can help by resteeming to this post (optional).
  • Leave your answers / posts in the comment box to find them easily.
  • Have fun imagining 😃

Please contact @psicoparedes for any inquiry on this contest if any. Thank you.

Steeming Community Team.

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Un gran saludo amigo @steemingcuration, una gran dinámica. llena de desafíos y de creatividad.

Aquí dejo mi Participación

Un gran saludo.

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Hola compañero mío, guerrero zuliano. @fjjrg Estaré revisando tu publicación. Gracias por el apoyo y por participar en esta dinámica :)

What is the closing date of this contest?

 5 months ago 

We have forgotten about the closing date 😂 thank you for the heads up. We have update the post and put the exact closing date.

 5 months ago 

18th April 2021.

 6 months ago 

This will be a sure hit, can't wait to read how other steemians would developed the following scenarios! Huge thanks

 6 months ago 

@nickjon, this is going to be interesting for sure. Greetings for you

 5 months ago 

Exactly! Huge thanks

 5 months ago 

Dinámica divertida, me gustaría participar pero desde una publicación, si me permites esa observación sería agradable, creo que una publicación sería genial, porque por medio de una publicación podríamos desarrollar mejor este tema dando incluso espacio a generar aún un mayor alcance a tu iniciativa @psicoparedes!


 5 months ago 

Hola @manuelramos, de hecho las publicaciones son bienvenidas. Puedes hacer tu publicación si quieres, y déjala aquí en los comentarios de esta publicación para que yo pueda ir a ver tu participación. Muchas gracias por tu apoyo :)

hello dear friends @steemingcuration good morning
Excellent initiative, I like it very much, I am going to prepare a post to participate, without a doubt there will be a lot of acceptance. Successes
I wish you all a beautiful Sunday

 6 months ago 

Hello @jlufer75. We will be waiting for your participation. Regards

how are you dear friend @psicoparedes good night
it will be a real pleasure to accompany you in this initiative.
I'll upload my material soon
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night and a happy start to the week

 5 months ago 

Thank you so much for your kind support. I am okay, how about you? we all wish you the best. Thank you for participating

 5 months ago 

I will check it. @jlufer thank you for your comment, greetings

Hi to all this is My entry for this contest, i Made a post. Blessings to all

 5 months ago 

Hello @nahupuku, thank you for making a post for our contest. I will check it. Best regards

Your welcome I find very interesting this topic

De nada. Me pareció bastante interesante responder estás preguntas. Ojalá tuviese ese poder para ayudar a otros! Un abrazo y buenas vibras

 5 months ago 

@giftye thank your for submitting your entry post. I will go to check it and leave a comment. Greetings for you

 6 months ago 

I find the challenge interesting!

 6 months ago 

Try to participate and see if you can win. Thanks for commenting

 6 months ago 

this is so exciting

 6 months ago 

I agree. Thank you for being part of this

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 5 months ago 

The closing of the contest is the 18th or is there an exact time?