Steeming Community Weekly Mini Contest : Hypothetical Scenarios Contest Edition #1 | WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT🎉

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Hello everyone, especially the members of the Steeming community. Greetings to all our Steemingzens. This time I am addressing to you as @Psicoparedes. Today I want to announce the winners of the mini-contest of which I served as host on this occasion, which was named
"Hypothetical Scenarios".

Thanks to all the Steemingzens who participated in this opportunity and in this first week. We hope that new users (as well as old users) can join in the next editions of my mini contest. The responses to your scenarios were fantastic, and each of them received excellent recognition. You managed to be creative, sincere and courageous enough to respond to each of the different scenarios posed, and that is to be recognized.

For all the new users who are joining for the next edition, and for all those who do not know about this dynamic, I will give you a short summary of what this game is about below:


We provided 3 different scenarios, each of them with a question at the end of it. As a result of these scenarios, you had to write the development of them and you had to try to answer the question posed. You could be as creative as you wanted, since the purpose of this game was (and is) to encourage the imagination.

The development of the scenarios needed to be separated between each mini story. That is, between each scenario there had to be a space, at the end of their development, so that they could be differentiated more easily. For example, when starting to develop the scenario, you had to identify them the following way:

SCENARIO 1: (here you place the scenario that we gave you) and below, the development of it. Then you set the following scenario.

SCENARIO 2: (here you place the scenario that we gave you), and below, the development of it.

SCENARIO 3: (here you place the scenario that we gave you) and below, the development of it.

You were also able to use images. If they are your own, even better. You could place pictures too, if you wished. Anything that helps complement your story.

These were the instructions of the last game (and future games will have the same intructions). Now, let's finally talk about the awards, what everyone was waiting for. These are the winners of this mini contest from last week:


1st place: @jlufer (15 STEEM)
2nd place: @nickjon (10 STEEM)
3rd place: @fjjrg (5 STEEM)

Congratulations to this week's winners. I hope you can take advantage of your awards, which are well deserved. We are also waiting for you in our next installment of Hipothetical Scenarios. Thank you all for participating, anyone could be the next big winner :)


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 26 days ago 

Muchas gracias por la mención y el honor de haber sido electo dentro de los ganadores.


 26 days ago 

@fjjrg gracias a ti por formar parte de la comunidad y por participar en las dinámicas :)

 26 days ago 

All steem prize has been sent to winners. cc @psicoparedes

 26 days ago 

Huge thanks! Happy to accomplished such task...more power!

 26 days ago 

@nickjon congratulations folk, keep up with the good work :)

 26 days ago 

Huge thanks...very much appreciated!

 26 days ago 

Excelente felicidades a los tres ganadores.

 26 days ago 

Gracias por participar compañera @astilem, puedes quedar en las próximas ganadoras :)

Hello dear friends @steemingcuration @psicoparedes good day
What a beautiful way to start the week, thank you very much to everyone who made my post a winner.
I take this opportunity to congratulate all those who have participated, especially the winners @nickjon @fjjrg
I wish you all a prosperous week

 26 days ago 

Huge thanks!

 24 days ago 

Thank you sir, keep up with the good work. Everyone's got their just reward :)

Felicidades a los ganadores! <3