Weekly Update of Steeming Community : Week 3 of April (19/4/2021)

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We have started this community curation account about a week ago, Steeming Community Important Announcement 10 days to be precise and we are grateful for the immense support and the positive feedbacks that we have received so far.

What have been done in Steeming Community for the past 7 days?

Contests for Steeming Community members
We have launched 2 contests last week
Steeming Community Weekly Mini Contest : Hypothetical Scenarios Contest Edition#1
📢 Steeming Community Weekly Contest 01 : What if Coronavirus Never Come?

Helpful guides and tutorials
and our Moderators also been helpful in publishing a lot of tutorials and guides for our community members to refer to.
Here are the lists of guides and tutorials that we have published in the Steeming Community and will be compiled on our Notice Board post:
Improve your posts, tips, techniques and code guide - Mejore sus publicaciones, consejos, técnicas y guía de códigos - By @ jesusremaj7

Herramientas y recursos para Steemit (TIENES QUE CHEQUEAR) | Tools and resources for Steemit (MUST CHECK) | By @Psicoparedes🧠

Thematic Areas Steeming Community// Áreas temáticas Steeming Community

Attention, important announcement… READ!// Atención, anuncio importante… ¡LEER!

A Peice of Advice for New Comers On the Importance of Powering Up and Delegation

We have announced on how to get steemingzen membership
We have published a post on how to get steemingzen membership in our community. Basically they just have to agree to contribute 30% of their post payout to community curation account @steemingcuration for the post that they want to publish into Steeming Community

Announced our community budget proposal
We have published and announced Steeming Community budget for the community members to see and giving their suggestion and feedback if any.
So far majority of our members agreed on this proposal.
Steeming Community Budget Proposal

We have our own Official Discord server
Now we have over 104 users in our discord, please join us there and say hi and feel free to chat with other members and share anything or help each other to get better on Steemit.

How Many Steemingzen membership we have so far?
It's been 5 days since we announced on how to get steemingzen membership and currently we have about 86 steemingzen in our community. We hope to get more this coming week with the strategic planning and recruitment effort that we have discussed in the team meeting.

Delegators of Steeming Community
We currently have about 6320 SP delegated to @steemingcuration community curation account.

NoUserSteem Power Delegated
Total SP6320

We hope that more members will delegate to us and enjoy 100% of the curation reward that is including Steem and TRX reward that will be pay in monthly basis.

Incoming Steeming Charity Project
We will be announcing our charity project soon and actually we have received a donation of 500 steem from our generous steem member @boydman and currently that fund is in @steemingcharity account our official charity account.

Our plan for community growth

Our team of moderators consists of
We have a lot of discussion and plan on how to expand the community and also growing the community account. We will be working in department based on each of moderators skills and passion so we can gather our work as a collective sharing and believing in the same mission and vision.

We will announce our plan and projects that we have discussed with this community account from time to time and update the community about it weekly.

Thank you for your support and contribution to this community growth, we will be working in unity to achieve our goal and mission of this community.
Until then, keep steeming!

Steeming Community Team.

 29 days ago 

Great God job

 27 days ago 

Thank you sir :)

 29 days ago 

Steeming Community Team I hope you can reach your goal. Thanks

 29 days ago 

The goal is everyone's, our great mission is to grow together with you.

 27 days ago 

We all hope to reach it. Together we are strong. Keep up :)

 29 days ago 

Glad to help! More Power

 27 days ago 

Together we all are powerful :)

 29 days ago 

Excellent, that objectives and goals continue to be sown, to reap achievements and successes. That nice and elegant work that is running in the community, cooperation by users and the excellent work done by the moderators. A big hug family and greetings from Maracay, Edo - Aragua. Venezuela.

Excelente, que se sigan sembrando objetivos y metas, para cosechar logros y éxitos. Que bonito y elegante el trabajo que se esta ejecutando en la comunidad, la cooperación por parte de los usuarios y el excelente trabajo que realizan lo moderadores. Un fuerte abrazo familia y un saludo desde Maracay, Edo - Aragua. Venezuela

 27 days ago 

Muchas gracias pana, saludos para ti desde Maracaibo :)

how are you dear friends @steemingcuration good day
congratulations to the whole team for the great work
let the successes continue

 27 days ago 

Thank you for your support sir

 29 days ago 

Great job team... Wishing that this community will bloom

 27 days ago 

Gracias compañera, intentamos hacer lo mejor que podemos. Saludos

 27 days ago 

Sigue así compañero ... Sé que eres el mejor en ese campo. Los habían elegido a todos ustedes como moderadores porque vieron algo único y todos ustedes son capaces de la tarea que se les ha encomendado ... Realmente es un TRABAJO BIEN HECHO para el equipo. Y estoy orgulloso de pertenecer ...

 26 days ago 

Ohh muchas gracias por esas palabras compañera @kyrie1234, realmente motiva bastante. Intentamos mantener todo el orden y que todos nos podamos llevar bien

 26 days ago 

Estoy bastante seguro de que todos pueden hacerlo. Esperando que esta plataforma aumente gracias a todos ustedes.

 23 days ago 

Vamos a tratar de todos juntos formar una gran comunidad

 23 days ago 

oh yeah! Let's do it!

It's amazing, I hope the steeming community will get more advanced every day 😘.

 27 days ago 

If more people join to the cause, it will be easier for everybody. Greetings for you

 28 days ago 

You are doing a good job gentlemen and you appear to be well organized and therefore excite a high probability of success.

 27 days ago 

We hope we can all have success beside all Steemingzen :)


Great job!

 27 days ago 

Thank you Betty :)


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