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Since we also earn TRX for posting on Steemit, you might be interested in ways to earn extra on your TRX. In this post, we explain how much you can earn by providing liquidity on Justswap. is a decentralized exchange on the TRON blockchain. You can trade TRX, Bitcoin, Just, ETH and many other cryptos. A huge benefit is that you hold your crypto in your Tronlink wallet and that you have a full custodian over your coins.

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My liquidity provider journey

A month ago, I started my journey of becoming a liquidity provider to earn passive income. I have provided some ETH and TRX and today we will find out how much I earned and if it is actually worth it. I am planning on leaving it in there for the next months and hope to be able to sell near the top of the bull market (we all do right). So finding out if it is lucrative, is crucial.

How much did I earn?

I bought 7.59 ETH and matched it with 298100 TRX for a total of 181426.3581 pool tokens. (January 7th). This was exactly 1% of the total liquidity in the TRX/ETH pool on at that time and still is today. This means I earn 1% of the fees that people pay to swap TRX for ETH and vice versa.

I bought 7.59 ETH, that time it was worth 1069$ a pop. Total: $ 8113,-
I had the 298100 TRX, so let's just match it as you have to provide 50/50 liquidity. $ 8113

So my total investment was $ 16226 on the 7th of January.

What I have today:

ETH: 7.438 = -3.26%
TRX: 333403.1594 + 11%

justswap liquidity.png

So I lost some ETH but gained more TRX. This was because the ETH price rose more than the TRX price the past month. (impermanent loss)

11% - 3.26% means I earned 7.74% the past month. Which is in my opinion AMAZING. Just to provide some ETH and TRX, I earned over 7.74% more crypto.

How much in USD?

I have 7.74% more crypto, but how much monies have I made, by just waiting and doing basically nothing?

ETH 7.438 at $1567 = $11655
TRX 333624.2913 at 0.035= $11625

Total: $ 23310. This month's increase from $ 16226 is 35.8%.

We will be updating this month after month for as long as we keep the liquidity in there. In my opinion, it is a great way to earn some extra crypto and keeps me from FUD selling. A 7.74% increase in a month is great and probably the best yield at the moment.

Do you provide liquidity on Justswap?


I cannot fully understand this post due to my knowledge of English. However, I believe that this post is very important. I will reread this post in the next few days while I do a resteem

You can right-click and translate to your own language!

Hello. Good post. Can you make another post teaching how to do it because I am interested but I am a noobie. Regards

 2 months ago (edited)

Hi thanks. I will make another one. Do you have tronlink? You can go to justswap and on the scan page you click on "add liquidity" on the pair you want to provide liquidity for. You need equal value amount of each token. If you do not have that, you need to swap it first on the swap page.

 2 months ago 

Thanks 👍

I got it. Thanks.

 2 months ago 

Wow this is very educative will be expecting more guide on how to setup my own account from justswap and start earning from the pool.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for your kind words

Brilliant was interested in this, will actually go out and give it a try thanks!

Awesome, you wont regret

You need to say also about energy cost


 2 months ago (edited)

What do you mean? That it costs energy or that it is way way cheaper than Ethereum?

When you make a swap you going to sent in TRON Smart Contract which this cost you Energy

You know what is energy in TRON right?


ItWell for those of us coming from countries where the exchange rate of our local currencies to the US dollar is pretty high this looks like a prospect for only the super rich or do you sir, honestly believe an average earner can make such investment and if yes how?. Thanks

I read the post with my complete attention. The post has a great value .But I can't understand ETH convert into TRX. I also have no any ETH. Please tell me about how I get ETH. And how I can change into TRX.

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