Q&A About The Steeming Curators Upvote Trail

Hi Steemians!

We are now day 2 since the launch of our curation trail on Steemit. There was a huge response from the community, and we want to thank EVERYONE for the support!


In case you have missed it, (dont worry, you can still join the community): JOIN THE STEEMING CURATORS UPVOTE TRAIL


In the past 48 hours, we received many questions about the project. Here are the most asked questions.

Questions @steemingcurators Upvote Trail

  1. What is a curation trail? [1]
  2. How does it benefit me? [2]
  3. How much can I earn? [3]
  4. Can anyone join? [4]
  5. I don't have 500SP, what can I do? [5]
  6. How to join the trail? [6]
  7. How to notify I joined [7]
  8. Is this circle-jerking? [8]


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  1. What is a curation trail?
    You basically follow another account his votes. If we vote for a Steemian, so do you, automatically. You can still vote yourself on Steemians you like! To thank you for your votes to the community, you get a vote back from the entire community trail, every single day.

  2. How does it benefit me?
    Because you help others to grow too, you get rewarded by all members of the community. This is 1 vote a day, from the entire trail. The more people join, the more you earn. This way you and the entire community earn a basic income every day. If you Power Up, you automatically earn more every day. By investing in yourself, and compounding your earnings into more Steem Power, you LEVEL UP and earn more!

  3. How much can I earn?
    Earnings per day are based on your current LEVEL. The more Steem Power you have, the more you earn per day. The percentage behind the levels change constantly and are not binding. This means it changes when staked members join the party, or when they power down or leave. We also give users challenges and incentives to level up, even when they dont have the SP to be in that level. Every level earns a vote a day from the entire trail.

    LEVEL 1: LESS THAN 500 SP / Receive votes based on the tasks
    LEVEL 2: More than 500 SP - Less than 750 SP = 5% vote from trail/day
    LEVEL 3: More than 750 SP - Less than 1000SP = 7% vote from "
    LEVEL 4: More than 1000 SP - Less than 1500SP = 9% vote "
    LEVEL 5: More than 1500 SP - Less than 2000SP = 12% vote "
    LEVEL 6: More than 2000 SP - Less than 3000SP = 16% vote "
    LEVEL 7: More than 3000 SP - Less than 4000SP = 21% vote "
    LEVEL 8: More than 4000 SP - Less than 5000SP = 30% vote "
    LEVEL 9: More than 5000 SP - Less than 10K SP = 40% vote "
    LEVEL 10: More than 10K SP - Less than 15K SP = 50% vote "
    LEVEL 11: More than 15K SP - Less than 20K SP = 60% vote "
    LEVEL 12: More than 20K SP - Less than 25K SP = 70% vote "
    LEVEL 13: More than 25K SP - Less than 30K SP = 80% vote "
    LEVEL 14: More than 40K SP - Less than 50K SP = 90% vote "
    LEVEL 15: More than 50K SP - 100% vote from trail/day

  4. Can anyone join?
    Yes, anyone can join! We welcome everybody to the family and hope to become the biggest caring community on the blockchain. We only have 5 rules if you like to keep getting support. : No Hate - No Discrimination - No Racism - No Plagiarism - No Abuse

  5. I don't have 500 SP, what now?
    The minimum requirement is having 500SP. This can be your own, but also leased from Dlease.io and delegated to you. You can also delegate Steem Power to @steemingcurators to get daily upvotes. Join us on Discord, comment a lot, use the #steemexclusive to get noticed, and upvoted by our team of curators. We also have challenges and contests to earn more. Follow us for updates!

  6. How to join the Trail?
    We suggest using the service from https://steemauto.com. This is a tool for the Steem Blockchain. When logged in with your Steem Keys, you can select Curation Trail in the Menu. Search for Steemingcurators and click FOLLOW. Next, click Settings on the same page and change voting power to 100%. You NEED to change voting power to 100% (because we all do that) and otherwise, we cant continue with supporting each other. If you know how to use other automatic voting services, you are welcome to do that!

  7. How to notify I joined?
    When you have set it up on steemauto, you can let us know by leaving a comment on any post from the @steemingcurators, on a post from @cryptokannon or @ciska. Please also join us on the FREE group chat service DISCORD. We are there almost 24/7 to answer all questions and hang around! For now, we have 6 buddies for you!

  8. Is this Circle Jerking?
    We believe that taking care of members of your community isn't. This is an absolute OPEN community for everyone to join. No need to be, or know the few elites. Communities are built on taking care of each other. The ones who have more, give to people who have less. This is how humans conquered the world, this is how society works.


nice good work :)

 5 months ago 

Thanks! Looks good so far!

@steemingcurators, congratulations, you're doing a great job.
Can i ask you a question? Where I could read the instructions with screenshots of how to buy steem on bittrex?
And the most important thing is how correctly transfer it to my wallet on Steemit?
My best wishes to you!

 5 months ago 

Hi! Thank you! Great question btw! You are European, so you can use https://bitvavo.com (They accept also Italian banks and you can buy STEEM with Euro. Check them because its a lot easier. (Maybe Suisse also)

On Bittrex
You just have to sign up, if you like you can use the link in the post! Then you have to send the required documents because Bittrex have KYC in place. (Its self-explanatory when you are in there). You can buy Bitcoin with a creditcard. After you bought BTC, search in the menu or in your wallet for STEEM/BTC. Go to the STEEM/BTC window. When you have a screen with candlesticks you are good. From there its the easiest to put a market buy order for the amount of btc you want to buy (If you dont know how to trade).
In your Wallet on Bittrex, when you have STEEM in there, you can transfer it to your account username myfreelive.
When you have STEEM on steemit and want to send it to an exchange, you will find a deposit memo in the wallet on bittrex. (make sure you spelled bittrex correctly)
Here are some tutorials: https://www.iorad.com/player/29228/How-to-Buy-Steem-with-Bittrex#trysteps-1


If it doesn't work, I can make a tutorial when Bittrex is back online.

I guess Bitvavo accept remittances from any EU banks. Had no problems to send from Lithuania, thats just IBAN transfer. And definitely that's probably most easiest way to get steem fast

 5 months ago 

Yes absolutely the most user-friendly exchange out there for Europeans to buy STEEM quick and cheap. @myfreelive: https://bitvavo.com/?a=6C268D09CA With this link you don't pay trading fees when you start! (affiliate)

Thank you very much, dear @ciska for your reply. I'll tell my mother. She understands better than I do. You are an expert. Your advice is e very useful for me.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Good project.

Thanks very much @Ciska and all the other @steemingcurators team, together we are building vibrant community of steem. Thanks for the updates of your second job done of empowering steem and all the Steemians.

Great work and a wonderful opportunity to make steemit great, @steemingcurators, i joined the trail today

Thank you! It sure is! You need to have at least 500 sp to be autovoted every day by our curation trail. Thank you

Hi, you need to keep your VP above 80% on steemauto settings for the steemingcurators trail. Let me know when you are ready to go!

Set at 90 now, ready to roll

I have almost 2500 in steem when it would be my profit with you if I delegate it

Hi, you would get an automatic vote from the entire trail on your post every day. 1 post a day! You would earn the same, but we are growing rapidly so with every user we gain, you earn more. Its not fixed. Thanks for your interest!

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