What does The Username Contract Do on Blocknodes.io

Hi community!

18 Hours ago we launched our first smart-contract on the Tron Mainnet. Our ingame token went to an all-time high of 10,9TRX/BLOCKS and raised 500000 TRX.

The game is all about Hodling and calling out the "weak hands". As the game launched today, you will see huge price fluctuations and this benefits the BLOCKS Holders as they earn dividends on every buy and sell of the ingame token.

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The Username Function Explained

On our website https://blocknodes.io you will find a username function. With this function you can assign a username to your wallet address. The benefit is that: 1: buys me a small coffee to keep going. And 2: Everyone who has assigned a username will get some extra XXXX (secret for now) token airdropped.

The cost is 25 TRX. You can do it for your own address, or gift it to someone else so that person also gets the benefits.

In the future, we can give more benefits to username holders, but this will be implemented in the decentralized governance of Blocknodes.io. We can only make suggestions.

Players who also have a Steem account can use the same handle and post it on Steemit to get EXTRA STEEM and TRX as appreciation.


Post about Blocknodes.io

If anyone wants to make reviews or daily progression posts from their Blocknodes.io journey. Please use the hashtag #blocknodes and connect with us on Discord! You asked for a job, here is one :D


LOL, so far I do not really know what I do...
Though it sounds interesting I bought 16 Blocks and set my Steemit username. Anything else to do?!
Best regards,

Hi girl! You just need to buy BLOCKS and keep it for earning TRX in dividends. It is a game of strong versus weak hands and whenever you feel like having enough profit, you exit. It is a game not an investment.

Thanks for getting the username too, you will get some extra of our own token airdropped on launch!

KR, Ciska

I am late to the party. I went to the interface and try it out. It is clean and neat. I was on mobile, I was able to buy blocks, buy nodes and buy a name for my wallet. Enjoy the coffee. It works well and no glitches or issues were encountered. It looks like a successful addition to Tron DeFi!

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