Writing Challenge would end soon on 24/01/2021

in Steeming Community5 months ago

We would like to inform you that the writing challenge of Steemit Promotion Challenge #01 : How Do You Introduce Steemit? will end on 24/01/2021.

We have received about 26 entries so far and hoping to see more coming, we would love to read how you introducing Steemit to others, so keep them coming!

As this is a writing challenge, all participants are winners. All valid entries would be receiving an upvote from booming curation accounts.

We will soon announce our contest with a great prize an upvote worth 50$ for 1st place 40$ for 2nd place and 30$ for 3rd place. All decent entries will be receiving upvote from booming curation account too.
So stay tuned and have fun participating in other contests that Steem Communities organizing around the Steemit platform.

Keep Steeming!


I just posted my entry today.. plz check it ..happy to take part in this wonderful contest :)