1. Take a shower even if you want to stay in bed, go to bathe.

  2. Put on perfume (essential) and lipstick.

  3. Use only water-based mascara, so when you feel like crying think twice.

  4. Get out of your house it doesn't matter if you don't have someone to visit. Grab the dog and get out. Don't you have a dog? Grab a book and head to the nearest park.

  5. Smile, little by little you will do it without realizing it and you will feel much better.

  6. Eat, well and rich. Indulge yourself A craving won't kill anyone.

  7. Love yourself, it sounds easy, I know.
    Look at yourself in the mirror with respect and serenity. If you don't have anything nice to say to yourself, remain silent. Remember that your inner voice also speaks to you. Talk to yourself with love and compassion.
    If you do not learn to respect your overweight, height, the size of your bust, your stretch marks, your cellulite, it is easy for someone to hurt you in your privacy.

  8. Remember that everything will pass. Nothing lasts forever. Let your tears come out, but do not gloat in your pain, do not remain anchored in suffering. Tomorrow you can start again and you will see how, despite the wounds, you will heal again.

  9. Eliminate from your life every person who has hurt you or made you feel bad. You are not totally dependent on them and neither is your mood.

  10. Stay with those who make you dream, who encourage you to improve yourself, who see in you, the magic you have and who make you happy. You don't depend on them but they do influence your life.❤️


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