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RE: How to set 30% of your post payout to @steemingcuration |A Help To 💧Steemingzen Newcomers

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Salamat sa info mam @fabio2614 I'm about to post my 1st blog here in @steeming community. No need na ba mgpa verify daan dere mam before ko maka post ani nga Community. Thanks in advance sa answer mam @fabio2614

 3 months ago (edited)

hello @sweetnaomi05,
You can post any time as you wish.🙂
But if you agree to become a steemingzen, to set 30% payout charity is required for your post to be qualified for booming recommendation and receive upvote from @steemingcuration. Just tell me if you want to join the steemingzen family so I can assign a badge for you.

Yes mam @fabio2614 I understand and already knw how to set 30% payout charity to @steemingcuration (thanks to your information from your post) and i really wish to join steemingzen family pls consider me in mam @fabio2614

Thank you kaau sa badge mam @fabio2614. God bless


Try mo approach mam @fabio2614

 3 months ago 

Thank you @sweetnaomi05

 14 days ago 

Am ready to join please

 14 days ago 

hello wilosmith, welcome to the family you can now join any contest there is in this community.... just don't forget to set the agreed 30% post payout reward so you can have a chance for booming recommendation too🙂

 12 days ago 

Thanks alot . Am glad to finally be a part of this family