6 months ago 

Hi @talktofaith, you have made an original publication that meets the quality standard promoted by the Steemingcurators community, this publication has been successfully registered in the Tell us who your best Steemian friends are!

Thank you for participating

@ulisesfl17, thanks for finding my post worth meeting the standard of steemingcurators post promotion.
I will always try my best in my input on steemit.

 6 months ago 

So be it. 24 hours ago we did not know each other, thanks to your mention and later entry to the contest Tell us who your best steemian friends are, we have had cordial communication and we both have common perspectives in steemit, the personal and collective growth and strengthening for the benefit of the Blockchain Steem.

Good vibe.


Yeah, you very right @ulisesfl17.
Friendship is all about compatibility and like mindedness.
Let's keep pushing, together we will take Steemit to the next level.
Thanks friend.

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