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RE: Steemingcurators community contest : Tell us who is your steemian best friends?

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@talktofaith Great! We are promoting the bonds of friendship and affection among the friends who make life at Steemit. Great that they are here because you invited them and pointed out the fun path of the Blockchain Steem; it would be great if you share the information of this contest with them and invite them to participate.

At Steemingcurators we await your good contributions with open arms and full of joy. Consider becoming an official member of this community by following our healing trail from here, if you prefer you could delegate Steem Power and get your membership title according to the amount of Steem Power delegated. For more information, see our publication Community Building with steemingcurators Community where @cryptokannon explains the details.

Our political vision is to become a strong, self-sufficient community that strives to bring value to the community in Steemit and Blockchain Steem as a whole.

Best regards. Good vibe.


@ulisesfl17, thanks for the compliment.
I had already invited them to participate in the contest.
@exceptional20 had already participated and others will soon participate as well.

 7 months ago 

Hi. I noticed this while I was reviewing the contributions; however, I had already made the comment. I am glad that you have been encouraged to participate and that the community in Nigeria is as united as it actually is. In unity, organization, and perseverance is the deserved arrival at success.

I congratulate you for the great altruistic work you do with your friends for the social, cultural, spiritual and virtual growth in the case of this social network.

Good vibe.


@ulisesfl17, thanks for all the compliment.
We will always do our best to see that Steemit gets to the grassroot of our environs.
Thank you for visiting my post.