Steemit Condenser Contributions: Simple notification filters

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The notifications feature added to Steemit is great, nothing is more annoying than not being notified when someone is commenting or mentioning you in a post/comment. But the problem is the notifications list is quite noisy especially due to the large amount of upvote notifications.

So I did a quick and simple set of filters.

Steemit Condenser Contributions

The work done

I didn't have a lot of time to investigate how the notification API works and if it allows for filter so what I did is simply filtering them at frontend level. The disadvantage of this method is that some filters (resteem for example) will return a small number of entries when others (votes) might have a lot as it is filtering the results from all types of notifications. But still, this is useful as it will allow you to find what you want through the noise.

I also took the opportunity to move static texts into translatable locales.

All notifications

Notification filters

Steemit Condenser Pull Request

This feature is not out yet, a pull request has been created:

Once approved and merged, it will be available in a future release by Steemit Inc.

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@quochuy, It's nice to see how you dedicate yourself to improve steem and its front end,, but the steem FAQs needs some rework to do. This might not be so urgent but it's vital for some new onboarding users or maybe tron users that they'll have the truest and latest updates about the platform.

Good point. I'll raise this with Steemit. The FAQ is not something I usually touch as it requires proper wording etc... I'm more on the technical side :-)

You're doing great work buddy! Let's get steemit firing on all cylinders for mass adoption coming 😀♥️


Thank you very much for your work!

Truthfully, i love the notification feature. It has kept me up to date with comments, tangible votes and mentions. It is really amazing.

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