Summary of my involvement to Communities that is now getting released to

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Summary of my involvement to Communities that is now getting released to /

"We're beginning to roll out communities. Stay tuned for updates. " says the notification banner on 🎉🎊🥳

Congratulations and thank you @roadscape and his team at Steemit Inc. for the hard work during those last months. The Steemit frontend is now powered with a critical features allowing us Steemians to create communities for our content creators.

As a community developer, I contributed with small code changes some of which have a big impact on the project.

Communities on

Light relooking of

This is the first important change I added to the Condenser. I've previously redesigned the comment section of a blog post view to make it more readable. With this next relooking, I went relooking the comment section a bit further to add more contrast and make each comment block stand out and even more visible.

Better design for the comment section of a post

As you can see, I've introduced a different background color from the background of each comment blocks. That creates a bit more contrast for readability and separation. The post article above the comments has also been restyled to make it as wide as the comment for nicer view, however the effective width of the article was not changed as to not mess up with the layout of existing posts.

As you can see on the top screenshot, the feed list has also been redesigned to align with the new look of the comment section. Each post summary block in the feed list is now more compact, allowing display of more posts in the list. This has been worked on multiple times thanks to the feedbacks from @roadscape and @therealwolf.

Pull request:

Author dropdown

I revamped the author drop down to make it load asynchronously after page load, this allows the Condenser to fetch more data related to the author.

Revamped author dropdown

Pull request:

Multiple image upload and drag-and-drop like GitHub

Another nice feature I added is for the post editor. You can now upload multiple images at once and you should still be able to continue writing your post and the images will get inserted where they should be instead of right in the middle of what you are typing, just like in GitHub. This was requested here:

Drag and drop is now also supported.

Pull requests:

Other minor changes

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I thought communities was accomplished the last week from Justin Sun and his TRON team. Is it not true? 1qok7d.jpg


Thanks for all you do @quochuy!

My pleasure

Oh how I missed notifications - nice to know when someone comments back or tags you 🙂

Yep definitely important.
We should implement proper browser push notifications on the Condenser too.

absolutely fantastic update!

This has renewed my excitement in the future of the platform by 110%. communities are fantastic and make it so much easier to find and filter to the places of personal interest.
Notifications have long been a feature that we have needed and so happy to see them arrive.
I love the multi-image upload and drag and drop feature but yet to test them myself.
well done team!

Thank you :-D

Great Call with the comments ! It's totally better !!! and for the rest of the update I am still discovering, great works thanks a lot !
upvoted !

Except the UI (btw those paddings are not possible, it gives a bad feel), I really appreciate what you made! Keep up the good job man.

Thanks for the feedback. Some paddings were done a certain way due to other requirements but I’m sure things will get improved progressively now that Communities is out.

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Very good achievement! Go ahead with those favorable initiatives. Thank you, @quochuy.
PS: I tried to vote you as a witness but something is wrong with SteemConnect that doesn't recognize my active key. I'll try another way.

Thanks @quochuy! :-)

Thanks for your help with the PRs

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New and improved design is better than previous one also ading community's feature is also very helpful and cool, great work keep it up @steemit developers team I really appreciate your efforts

Yep, great work from all devs involved

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Great update and nice work! You back in Ausland yet? I was actually near your work today and thought about you straight away :)

Thanks dear. Yes, I'm now back to Oz. Working from home at the moment, will return to the office soon.

Great job @quochuy.

I wonder if “tag search” implementation is doable. It would be cool

Maybe, to be investigated

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Potentially with Hivemind. I will ask around

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Seems now STEEMIT is trying to compete the STEEMPEAK UI upgrades! This is so great! Thanks for all your contribution!


Hopefully it will get better and better

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Another nice feature I added is for the post editor. You can now upload multiple images at once and you should still be able to continue writing your post

That's an awesome feature. I was thinking, if we can have some feature, which will show the images as an album ? We should have a Steem book like that :) Some said Appics does that, but I am yet to try.

I wanted to do that for a while but was limited by my understanding of the Condenser. Now that I’m starting to get it I can check on implementing this.

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Thank you for sharing this important information and for keeping us updated.
Votado por el trail @team-mexico
Comunidad mexicana / hive-174683 ¡Te esperamos!

Delegación: 50 SP, 100 SP, 500 SP.
teammexico (1).png

great update! good work.


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Awesome tasks done there, on pull requests - the dropdown effect.

Would it be good if I reached it to you for tips or two on some dev tasks/activities around this web, kindly. Thanks.

I love this new interface @quochuy, congratulations on this great work, keep up the great work.

Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

Never underestimate the importance of tiny little visual updates XD I'm sure your work is silently appreciated by multitudes more than are upvoting/commenting ;D

Thank you :-D

Thank you for your time and effort, I really like all the new features and changes. :)

Thank you

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I look forward to communities finally getting off the ground

I look forward to
Communities finally
Getting off the ground

                 - viraldrome

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hopefully it will add value to the platform

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Good going. Although I think you are playing catch-up with Steem-peak at this point. :)

The Condenser is certainly catching up but this is needed. is the first frontend new users will discover when joining Steem so we need it to be looking good and functional.

Nice. 2 Years ago since I joined steemit and just got back. This is awesome

Welcome back.

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All good, but we need unmoderated tags search and bookmark feature

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Thank you.

Hey @quochuy,
Thank you for your good work!
I come here to report a small problem in mobile resolution, in just a few devices the layout isn't fixed to the screen!

Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 00.00.08.png

Oh that’s interesting.

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Can two communities have the same name but different hive-ids?

Which means if a community already exists, you can create another one with the same name. Obviously it’s up to you to make it known and attract members.

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Congrats on the big update, I preferred the white background though, profile pic on article view is distorted on the mobile website. Tags now doesnt display the first tag. Some popups have gray background instead of white. User name popup (article view, pressing on the down arrow, by line) does not fit in mobile viewport.

Thanks for the bug report. Will lodge them with the team.

Thank you for all the hard work!

Very wonderful job you've done here. You're indeed an asset to this blockchain. However, look into the case of those who have been blacklisted. Seems like after the communities went live, they are now ostracized from Steemit. Please look into that. My friend @Majes.tytyty is affected. Thanks.

Thank you.
I can’t do anything for this, it’s a feature added by Steemit team.

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Oh thanks for your response. I appreciate. Stay safe.

I had pretty much moved on from Steem after seeing it fall into an abyss. This brand new way of exploring is really interesting and I can't wait to see what will happen in the future.

It's a step in the right direction indeed

A ơi. a có biết tại sao blog của e lại chỉ hiện post từ 18 ngày trước k ạ? Những post gần đây của e đều "mất tích".


what happened anh?

Bòn nó vấn có đó nhưng trên Steemit thì không hiện ra vì bây giờ khi em đăng bài lên Community nào đó thì nó chỉ hiện trong Community đó thôi. Em muốn nó vào blog của em thì phải bấm lên cái “Post to blog” hoặc resteem.


Ơ. Vậy là k có option nào để post 1 lần mà vào cả blog cả community à a? 😂

Anh cũng chưa rõ, anh phải hỏi xem

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VÂng. Cảm ơn anh. Anh viết thêm về các thay đổi trên Steemit nữa đi ạ. 😁.
E vẫn hoạt động thường xuyên nhưng vẫn không thật sự hiểu chuyện gì đang xảy ra. xD

@quochuy I can't thank you enough man, thank you for helping make this site a better place. Hopefully we will seeing even more human interaction

Let's hope it's the case

i am very interested about this community, but i don't know details about it...

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Thanks - I Just created a Community name "Birding - Wildlife" - How I add my old Birds and wildlife posts in it. Thanks

I don't think this is currently possible.

You can try the Cross Posting feature from

Cross Post

Cross Post modal

Thanks very helpful ..

Great job.

Great post 👏👏

you're so amazing job for Steemit. I think so, thank you so much.


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no understan

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