The Importance Of Education To Children And Teenage //10% Payout Goes To Steemkidss//

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Education is the bedrock of every nation, education impacts knowledge and skills in people, education at the basic level is essential, there is a popular saying that is necessary to catch our children young because once a child misses it at the childhood stage it will be difficult to catch up later in the future.


There are so many benefits of imparting knowledge to a child at the early stage, the child won't find it difficult to adapt to a learning environment and the child will equally be innovative and sound.
As a parent is very necessary to let your child start from elementary school and then later proceed to nursery school, what a child will be thought in kindergarten will make the child know about what is going to see in nursery school, that is why is very important for a child to start from the scratch, there will be a great difference of a child who Starts from pre-creche then to nursery school and a child who just start from nursery school because the child in creche must have known the basic things which must have given the child pre-knowledge of what he/she will do in nursery school.

Sometimes I get pissed off when I see parents who just jump their child to primary school and forget about the basic education, though sometimes it might be the parent financial constraint, that is why education must be made free and compulsory in the nation.
Children learn faster than adults, just imagine the child who loses that opportunity to get educated at a young age is very important that education should not be neglected at the basic level because is very important and essential.

Education is a scam in Nigeria but you can not be a blogger without knowing how to write, post, and earn, education is the best legacy.


Very excellent content Ella, Please follow back

 5 months ago 

Education is the basic fundamental goal of every nation as to avoid hypocrite in the society.

Education is not a scam but is some people mindset, if it doesn't count today, it will count tomorrow. Education is the best legacy.

Despite of everything, nowadays the children are needing best tools to the development of their intelligence and performance of social skills for the future. Great by writing such article about kid's education. My best regards from Latin America 🌎 #venezuela #affable

Thank you dear and with the teaching in steemkids community, I pray it helps them to improve in their career pursuit in life and once again, I am grateful you like my post dear.

You're welcome 🙂

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