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Hi friends, welcome to @steemkids classrooms Our topic for discussion today is :



For today's class, we shall consider the following types of poetry.

  1. #EPIC_POEM; It is a long elaborate narrative poem with serious philosophical perspective. It talks about the actions of great people or a nation's history. E.g. "Paradise Lost" by John Milton.
  2. #ODE; It is a lyrical poem that speaks to a person or thing or celebrates a special event. E.g is "Ode to a Nightingale" by Keats.
  3. #BALAD; It is a form of narrative poem that is written by people who are not necessarily poets. It narrates the story of unfulfilled love and belated expectations,historic battles,death of loved ones etc. It usually start abruptly,talks on previous actions and uses simple diction. E.g "La Belle Dame San Merci"by Keats.
  4. #SONNET> It a lyrical poem of fourteen lines with a rhyme scheme. There are three types of sonnets:
    (a) Italian sonnet with rhyme scheme (ABBAABBB-CDECDE)
    (b) English or Shakespearean sonnet with rhyme scheme cum structure(ABAB,CDCD,EFEF,GG)
    (c) Miltonic sonnet popularised by John Milton. Structure/rhyme(ABC,CDD,ABC,CDEFD)
  5. #IDYL; It is a short ,smooth and idealised poem that describes a peaceful and happy scene or event. E.g "king Arthur and his Knights"by Tennyson.
  6. #ELEGY; It is a lyrical poem written to remember a sad situation. Most often is meditative and sorrowful. E.g "Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard"by Gray.
  7. #DIRGE; A dirge is a spontaneous reaction through the medium of speech to a sad event. Elegy begins where a dirge ends. E.g " In Memory of Major Robert Gregory"by Yeats.
  8. #Lullaby: This is a soft sonorous song meant to keep children quiet,peaceful and happy. It can also be to make them sleep. E.g "Rain,rain,go away......"
  9. #DIDACTIC_POEM; It is any poem that teaches moral or spiritual lesson.e.g "Richard Cory"by Edward A. Robson.
  10. #EPITAPH; An epitaph is a statement in memory of a dead person normally placed on his tomb. E.g "An Epitaph to a Poet","On My Father's Sepulchre" by Benson Edet.
  11. #LYMERICK; It is a kind of nonsense but humorous five-line structured short poem introduced by Edward Lear. It rhymes(AABBA).

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What an interesting class, keep it up @benson6

 7 months ago 

Thank you so much @ellabae, just doing what I know best for the kids

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