No Emience In Idleness

in Steemkids6 months ago
No eminence in idleness implies that no harvesting can be done where there is no planting. I am reaping because my hard work and dedication have paid a dividend.


I always like to use myself as an example, I came back to steemit through encouragement and enlightenment through people that I call my backbone and all the credit goes to @ngoenyi and @benton3 because they play a vital role in my steemit pursuit.

I join steemit this year and in February to be precise, a lot of people have excel more than me and some have derail along the way because is not easy to sit down and write on daily basis, and in the long run, no benefit but to conquer this trauma is to take passion in what you do.

Steem is the surest plug for me but I don't know about you people because people that are now relishing the benefit of steem are looking for a way to fit in but steem is for everybody and doesn't select if only you will be focus and concentrate, then the step to success is rest assured.

To excel here in steem, as questions where you are not cleared and I thank God for the kind of administration we have here, even at night they do attend to your needs and I in person, always online to render help to my best ability and where I find myself wanting, I consult the Oracle @ngoenyi.

There is no joy in idleness because no time to dull in @steemkids, though still virgin community but the rapid growth here is massive and I am glad to be a partaker of the blessing that comes with this community. I have invested by dropping my post here, I have committed my time here, and I have seen the evidence and my reputation does the talking, and is not my fault that every day is like Christmas on my side.

No eminence in idleness where nothing is sown, nothing is harvested, keep that in mind.

 5 months ago 

Yes,it is good to be industrious. Steemit is sure

 5 months ago 

Thank you ma

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