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RE: Steemkids contest, #1 School Runs on School days week 3 ,day 4.

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Steemkids contest #1 school runs on school days. Week 3 day 4 @chigrace.

How many kids are you caring for?
Ans: Two kids

What are their names?
Ans: Victor and Dominion Ekeoma

Tell us about your kids school?
Ans: The name of Victor's school is Wagon faith comprehensive school which is situated at #85 ohanku road aba. It has creche,nursery,primary and secondary sections.
Dominion's school is called God's intellectual school which is located at #8 Umuariam street. It has nursery and primary sections.

What makes the school unique to you?
Ans: The environment is condulsive, no harmful objects around the premises and it is also a missionary school.

Why do you choose the school for your kids?
Ans: The condulsive environment.
The affordable fees and their caring
nature for my kids.

If you have the opportunity to change your kids school, would you? If yes, why?
Ans: i will grab the opportunity because my academic expectations for them is high.

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