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RE: Steemkids contest, #1 School Runs on School days week 3 ,day 4.

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Hello everyone and good morning to all kids lovers how was your night .hope it was blissful , and thank Jehovah we've seen the new month .my daughter zena's schoool is a federal government school .but there are many reasons that made me love the school.and they are as follows.
1** they can never send any student out of school because of school fees.
2** they are very principled and disciplined.
3* the use both the British and montosorie curriculum.
4** the teachers are respectful you can never see them talk to any parent any how.
5** the teachers are proactive and they also impact that to the students.
6** the school environment is always neat.
7** unlike other government school's they don't go on strike.
8** they students are never side tracked because of unnecessary celebration of any party, be it birthday, Christmas carols, career day. Cultural day etc.
9their rest room is neat to the core.
they have group of matured women that their work alone is to clean and mop the classroom in case there's any dirt. And those that there work is to wash and clean the rest room.
11** their method of teaching
12** two times in a term parents meets with the teachers this is not a PTA this meeting you lay any complain you have you write it down you access your wards grades in the teachers book of record to see if it's the same with the grades you see in your kids books .
13** teachers do not write the results after exams the send all the students data to Lagos from their the the results are handled and sent back to the school for printing and giving to parents so there's no room for teachers to do I know you in results.
14** teachers do not misbehave or do any how they want because any slight mistake your job is at risk so they are extremely careful.
15** the security is tight.
16** they maintain good hygiene in the school.apart the tap in the restroom there's a bucket with a tap in each entrance of the class to was your hands any time you come out from the rest room and before eating.

17** the students are not much in each class so the teachers have time for each student.

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