RAISING CHILDREN IS ART! Unfortunately, not everyone is an artist! Oh that little girl.. / Show. 10% Payout to @steemkidss

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How are you? I hope you are fine. Today I want to share with you something about myself and my childhood. I think it will be good for me. Because I usually don't tell anyone about my childhood. I only have secrets, resentments and fears that I keep to myself! It is very difficult for me to describe these. Especially because of the fear of not being understood, I have experienced everything inside myself since childhood.


I was a very emotional, very spiritual girl. Until I reached school age, I didn't communicate with anyone until I was 7 years old on average. It's just talking to myself, to myself, I was completely shut out. In fact, my family thought I had a speech problem and took me to many doctors, but I was not sick, on the contrary, I was a very intelligent and aware child. I had an incredibly strong bond with animals. ( It still is) But I did not want to communicate with people consciously and willingly. Because I found people hurtful and bad. I had such a sensitive heart that I broke like a piece of glass. The biggest reason for this was PEOPLE WITH BAD HEARTS!


Even at a very young age, when my family was not with me, I was exposed to the bad words of my close relatives. I was actually a very small quiet and kind child. What could I have done to deserve a bad word? I couldn't understand that at the time but now I realize that I didn't do anything but they were BAD! And they didn't even know what they were getting. I became a big woman and I still remember those words, I can't forget them.


Raising a child is the biggest ART job for me. Raising a person requires finesse, effort and attention. If you have decided to bring a child into the world, you have to protect and raise that child in the best possible way! Some people give birth to children because of social pressure, some to keep their spouses to themselves, some just for pleasure and wait for it to grow by itself like a weed!


I don't understand that they want a lot of documents to drive but there are no requirements to have kids! Perverts can also have children, psychopaths who are mentally unstable. Millions of children around the world are exposed to domestic violence and rape. Why are these children not taken care of and abandoned? We start school life not only in the family but also at very young ages, and we are all entrusted to our teachers. Away from our family, in a timid way..



Did you know that a person lives according to his subconscious records throughout his life? So that subliminal recordings were first formed between the ages of 7-12? In other words, the years when we just started school. Whatever our teacher or family gives us and teaches us, we move forward in the light of that knowledge throughout our life. If you're lucky, you've had a good teacher and a good family. But not everyone is so lucky. Some teachers can be very strict and mean-hearted. They humiliate children in society at that age and condemn them to a lifelong self-confidence problem. Conclusion; A huge, ruined generation that cannot express itself and resorts to violence to express itself! That's why family and teachers are very important. Not everyone should bring children into the world and not everyone should be a teacher!

I have an angelic family, they are very good and they loved me very much. My teacher was an angry, aggressive person, I was very afraid of him, but he was very kind to me. But still, neither my family nor my teacher could protect me from the bad words of bad people.



That little introverted, speechless girl has become a very strong woman now. Defending their rights to the end, standing against oppression, NOT Silencing! Wherever I see an injustice, I run towards it. If I ever have a daughter, I want to tell her my story. I want to be as strong a woman as her mother.


Please protect your children! Work on them and don't take your eyes off them. They are more aware than you think and they never forget! LOVE THEM..

I'm Emel, little girl...

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Sin duda alguna amiga, criar a un hijo es todo un arte y pocos no tienen esa buena habilidad o quizá no la desarrollan, en definitiva creo que hay quienes nacen para ser padres y hay quienes no. Un hijo amerita toda nuestra atención, cuidado, y sobre todo nuestro amor, para que puedan crecer felices.

Bonito post, gracias por compartirlo con nosotros!

I thank you for taking the time to read. Being together with like-minded people like you made me happ🙏

If you have decided to bring a child into the world, you have to protect and raise that child in the best

I totally agree with you, is a great responsibility to be called a mother, thank you

I thank you🙏🌺

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This is interesting and motivating story, parents has a lot to do to raise their children,am happy you came out of the shell,bad words remain in the heart for life , that is why we should be careful of what we say and do, thanks @miniklady for sharing 🌹

Definitely! Because the child never forgets.. I thank you

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This quite interesting,it is the responsibility of parents to raise their children properly. Thank God you broke out of the shell. Thank you for sharing.

Yes, I hope all the kids are as lucky as me🙏🌺