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Hello my wonderful friends and fellow steemians, welcome again to my contest #7, it is a wonderful thing for us to talk about our beginning. In my last contest #6, I told us to make friends by being a good friend. It was so amazing the results we got. This particular contest is going to be fun. Despite the downward trend in the price of steem, we still need to catch some fun here.


Let's talk about our childhood and the pranks we played then

Yes, all of us started somewhere. We all were kids some years ago. And we are all forming big as if we never were kids. Lols. We all have one prank or the other that we played while growing up. Let us know about it

what are the contest tips?

  • What was your childhood like?

  • What were the pranks you played then?

  • Can you remember at what age you played the last prank? Tell us and what was that last prank?

  • Why did you stop playing pranks

  • If you have a child, how will you react to his or her pranks?

  • Add pictures if you have any, or source it properly. But your own picture will give you an added advantage

contest rules

The rules are simple.

  • Be original, be detailed

  • Plagiarism is will not be tolerated

  • Not less than 300 words

  • Use your own pictures or you properly source the one you got elsewhere but certainly from a free source site

  • Tag me so I can get to know quickly

  • Vote, resteem and drop your link at the comment section of this post.

  • This contest will end in the next 7 days (29/6/2021)

  • Use the following tags as the first five tads
    #childhoodpranks #contest #yourcountry

  • Entry must be in steemkids community, subscribe if you have not done so steemkids community

  • Invite your friends to participate.

Reward pool

We have mapped out 15 steem for this contest to be given to only 5 winners as follows

5 for the first position

4 for the second position

3 for the third position

2 for the fourth position

1 for the fifth position

I wish you all the best in this contest entry. I will be expecting them soon.

Special mention:



This is my introductorypost here




Thanks for the beautiful Contest .

Here is my entry link

start success go! go! go!

I have a lot to say then.


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Okay...nice contest but I can barely remember any tricks or stunt I pull out those days.

Please find my entry for this contest below-



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Excelente y muy creativo me encanto! Mi entrada al concurso los espero ;)! Invito a mi amiga! @dhaydaniela

 3 months ago 

Thank you dear friend. I await your entry

Mi entrada lista en los comentarios esperemos a mi amiga!

Here is my entry
Childhood Pranks