Steemkids contest, #1 School Runs on School days week 3 ,day 4.

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Greeting kids lovers all around the world. Happy new day and happy new month, it's July already and we are excited about this new month, I hope you all are as well. we are happy to bring to you another school run.



Tell us that special thing about your kids school.
Could it be the environment or the human resources or the value they offer, tell us we can't to know it all.

The rules are simple , please follow with due diligence.

Rules of the game

✓ One Entry per day

✓ drop your entry at the comment section of the School Runs post for each day

✓ You can make your entry within the day but soon after school runs and the kids are back from school

✓ Your Entry must be original, must have quality, take care to include all tips above

✓ at least 300 characters (Note: Characters not words)

✓ you must upvote and resteem this post

✓ you must subscribe to steemkids community

✓ invite your friends to participate

Reward pool

We reward the first 20 person's that follow all the rules with 0.5 steem daily. But we will increase if our resources increase.

How is it done?

✓ You are expected to drop a comment under the post that will be made daily about school run for 5 school days within the week. Tell the following

✓ How many kids are you caring for?

✓What are their names?

✓ Tell us about your kids school.

✓ What's special about the school

✓ what makes the school unique to you?

✓ Why you choose the school for your kids?

✓ If you have the opportunity to change your kids school would you? If yes why?

please be creative with your entry, let's have fun while doing this!

Support US

We welcome Support from anyone in form of liquid steem or SBD, votes and donations of all kinds that will help us Support the kids and then grow our community.


Best regards

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start success go! go! go!

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Hello everyone and good morning to all kids lovers how was your night .hope it was blissful , and thank Jehovah we've seen the new month .my daughter zena's schoool is a federal government school .but there are many reasons that made me love the school.and they are as follows.
1** they can never send any student out of school because of school fees.
2** they are very principled and disciplined.
3* the use both the British and montosorie curriculum.
4** the teachers are respectful you can never see them talk to any parent any how.
5** the teachers are proactive and they also impact that to the students.
6** the school environment is always neat.
7** unlike other government school's they don't go on strike.
8** they students are never side tracked because of unnecessary celebration of any party, be it birthday, Christmas carols, career day. Cultural day etc.
9their rest room is neat to the core.
they have group of matured women that their work alone is to clean and mop the classroom in case there's any dirt. And those that there work is to wash and clean the rest room.
11** their method of teaching
12** two times in a term parents meets with the teachers this is not a PTA this meeting you lay any complain you have you write it down you access your wards grades in the teachers book of record to see if it's the same with the grades you see in your kids books .
13** teachers do not write the results after exams the send all the students data to Lagos from their the the results are handled and sent back to the school for printing and giving to parents so there's no room for teachers to do I know you in results.
14** teachers do not misbehave or do any how they want because any slight mistake your job is at risk so they are extremely careful.
15** the security is tight.
16** they maintain good hygiene in the school.apart the tap in the restroom there's a bucket with a tap in each entrance of the class to was your hands any time you come out from the rest room and before eating.

17** the students are not much in each class so the teachers have time for each student.

Steemkids contest #1 school runs on school days. Week 3 day 4 @chigrace.

How many kids are you caring for?
Ans: Two kids

What are their names?
Ans: Victor and Dominion Ekeoma

Tell us about your kids school?
Ans: The name of Victor's school is Wagon faith comprehensive school which is situated at #85 ohanku road aba. It has creche,nursery,primary and secondary sections.
Dominion's school is called God's intellectual school which is located at #8 Umuariam street. It has nursery and primary sections.

What makes the school unique to you?
Ans: The environment is condulsive, no harmful objects around the premises and it is also a missionary school.

Why do you choose the school for your kids?
Ans: The condulsive environment.
The affordable fees and their caring
nature for my kids.

If you have the opportunity to change your kids school, would you? If yes, why?
Ans: i will grab the opportunity because my academic expectations for them is high.

Hello kid lovers around the world. Today I will be caring for two kids, Chidinma Grace Ejike and Chidiuto Goodluck Ejike.



The name of their school is NASDEC ROYAL SCHOOL. It's located in Edu, Agbara, Ogun state. It's one of the best school in this area. Their sportswear is of different colour but Chidinma and Chidiuto is in orange house. It's divided into the nursery primary and secondary section. It's a government approved school. NASDEC ROYAL SCHOOL has qualified teachers and brilliant students. It's owned by Deacon Edwin Ofordile.
Some special things that about the school is it serene environment, also it uses British curriculum. The school is usually not noisy. The students are always neat and well dressed with respectful respectful teachers.

One unique thing about the school is that  their customer care service is second to none.
 I choose the school because of its quantitative and qualitative education.
  I don't think I want Chidinma and Chidiuto to change to any other school, because is a place to be.

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