Steemkids contest, #1 School Runs on School days Week 4 day 2. Special feature is school socks

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Greeting kids lovers all around the world. welcome to a new fay. we are glad you are here. Trust you enjoyed your night? How are our kids doing? It is another beautiful day and we can't wait to read from our steemkids. All yesterday's entries were beautiful and we saw our kids wardrobe and how you maintain it. Today is another wonderful day. And we have brought to you a special feature. What is it?


Tell us about your kids school socks, how you make it neat. We want to see how beautiful our steem kids are with school socks.

The rules are simple , please follow with due diligence.

Rules of the game

✓ One Entry per day

✓ drop your entry at the comment section of the School Runs post for each day

✓ You can make your entry within the day but soon after school runs and the kids are back from school

✓ Your Entry must be original, must have quality, take care to include all tips above

✓ at least 300 characters (Note: Characters not words)

✓ you must upvote and resteem this post

✓ you must subscribe to steemkids community

✓ invite your friends to participate

Reward pool

We reward the first 20 person's that follow all the rules with 0.5 steem daily. But we will increase if our resources increase.

How is it done?

✓ You are expected to drop a comment under the post that will be made daily about school run for 5 school days within the week. Tell the following

✓ How many kids are you caring for?

✓What are their names?

✓ Do your kids wear socks to school?

✓ Tell us the colour of their school socks

✓ How much is it in steem?

✓ Does the kids like it?

✓ What do you like about your kid school socks?

✓ How do you take care of your kid socks to maintain it?

✓ picture of your kids with their school socks

✓ Remember to take picture of you and your kid before leaving to school.

Please be creative with your entry, let's have fun while doing this!

Support US

We welcome Support from anyone in form of liquid steem or SBD, votes and donations of all kinds that will help us Support the kids and then grow our community.


Best regards

@steemkids Community


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Good morning steemkids all over the world. I hope you all had a lovely night.
Today, I am caring for one child and his name is Peter. He wore his school socks to school today on his uniform.

The colour of his school socks is black and a touch of red, where the name of the NASDEC ROYAL SCHOOL is written or down boldly.
The school socks cost 0.50 steem. Of course Peter loves his school socks because it's black and thick. We know we season in cold now, so, it's thickness help Peter against cold feet.


I maintain the school socks by washing it everyday whenever he comes bk from school, because obviously it will dirty, though, not visible because it's a black socks.


One thing I dislike about the socks is that it's doesn't dry easily after washing as a result of its thickness.

 5 months ago 

Hola @chipep muchas gracias por participar. Que Dios bendiga a esos niños. Saludos 😘

 5 months ago 

Hello Everyone. How are you doing today? I trust you all had a great day. Mine was a bit stressful but am resting now.


So, my two sons who are of school age are Somadila and Otitochukwu.

Yes, they wear socks to School.

The color of their school socks is navy blue with tiny black thread designs.


I haven’t been able to ascertain the price of their school socks because it comes with the school uniforms. Each time you pay for School uniform, you get a pair of socks. I have tried looking for it at the market but haven’t seen this particular design.

Yes, my kids like the socks because it’s easy to slip in their legs, it’s cool and looks good on them.

I like the uniqueness of the socks. Easy to wash and easy to dry. They are beautiful too.


The socks are easy to maintain because they are light and have tiny perforations thus making them easy to wash and dry.

I invite my friends @succyzee, @ninapenda and @gracyakan to join this beautiful contest.

Thank you so much @steemkids for this contest.

 5 months ago 

Hermosos calcetines. La parte más hermosa de ellos esdisfrutar su sonrisa.. Gracias por haber participado. 😘

start success go! go! go!

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