Steemkids picture contest #5| share picture of a child smiling face|| 10 steem to be shared

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Dear steemkids lovers, welcome to another wonderful picture contest by steemkids community. How is our kids doing, hope they are enjoying holiday project, we are so happy to be seeing their home work and other holiday project. Welcome to our picture comment contest.


Please share a picture of a child smiling/happy face, what was the cause of the happiness?
We want to see the picture of kids smiling face

Contest rules

  • It is a comment contest, therefore we want to see the picture in this post comment section.

  • No internet source picture and no screenshot. We want it to be your own please.

  • Anyone is free to participate but you must subscribe to steemkids community.

  • Follow steemkidss

  • Join our curation trail or delegate to us, a must

  • Invite at least 3 friends to participate

  • Upvote, resteem this post


We have mapped out 10 steem for this contest and we want all the participants to win. So we will divide it among all the participants.

Contest ends by 12noon on 23 August, 2021 ( Nigeria time)

Best wishes from us @steemkids

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 3 months ago 

Hullo @steemkidss
This is my daughter Skylar, she was 2 months and this was her first complete smile. This picture makes me smile each time I look at it.


I invite @vianneyspirit , @kyara2 and @brendakim

So pretty dia. Pinch her for me😂

 3 months ago 

Thanks dear.

 3 months ago 

So adorable

 3 months ago 

Thank you so much

 3 months ago (edited)
A smile that is free from anxiety is produced exclusively by kids when shielded from the aches of life. May we all try our best to make their childhood filled with pleasant memories, while getting them ready for life as it is.

The same smile after 4 years

The reason for joy comes from the fact that restrictions on activities like running, and playing football is suspended. It is time to play and skip about.

Inviting the following to participate in this kid smile contest @nickjon @arau @padmore

Thanks for the mention
I will participate soon

 3 months ago 

Handsome kids! Thanks for sharing their smiles with us here. You can get kids around you verified through this link

My beautiful little friend being excited for visiting them after a while, I told her to post for picture so she did with a smiling face.
Am inviting my friends to join us in the kids smiling face contest
@ blessingib
@ Blosomly
@ adequeen

Hoy quiero participar en este concurso mostrandole una fotografía en donde podrán observar las caras de felicidad de mis sobrinas Josealianny a quien le digo consen y Emilianny niño al recibir sus regalos del día del niño.

Invito a @patrick201 @annym @yolian2

Saludo amiga que lindas Dios las bendiga

Los niños son una Bendición ver sus caras de felicidad es lo mejor @zuany

Saludos amigos de @steemkidss. Hoy participaré en este concurso con una fotografia muy reciente de mi pequeña Jeshira, en este día mi niña se encontraba feliz, porque habiamos hecho realizado con la ayuda de @valentina2021 una hermosa escuela #steemkids, la cual nos sugirió nuestra amiga @mariajruizb, como actividad para el plan vacacional steemkids. Ese día mi pequeña se divirtió como nunca, pues jugó toda la tarde con sus muñecas en su "pequeña escuela Steemkids".

Deseo invitar a esta maravillosa comunidad y a este concurso a @cmarin, @zulma2021, @adelvalle, @yorge2021 y a @maryang2021

 3 months ago 

Wow this is so lovely @susej2013, our steemkids is absolutely beautiful ❤️ and she have cute smile. Thank you for sharing with us. Please verify your kids through this link

Que sonrisa tan hermosas y ka alegría q tiene es incomparable

Tan bella amiga, excelente foto. Se evidencia que tu beba lo disfrutó al máximo. Gracias por la invitació[email protected], pronto estaré con mi participación. Bendiciones y te deseo el mejor de los éxitos 🙏

Hola amigos saludos, ella es mi niña ella siempre esta sonriendo y mas cuando le hacen morisqueta.

Quisiera invitar a mis amigos @lenisamoya @sabrip y @andrea89 a participar.


Hola bella, que hermosa esa gordita 🥰 Dios la.bendiga, Gracias por la invitación.

Gracias cariño amen.

Pero que bella es esa gorda y con ese vestido mucho mas.

Muchas gracias.

hola buenos dias aqui esta mi participacion :
Mi nieto matias rengel su cara de felicidad al recibir su regalo de cumpleaños


hola mi amado comunidad @steemkidss dios los bendiga a todos el presento mis nietos su nombre es Denver ochoa , Danna Salazar .bello esta mi participación espero que el guste

la niña sonrien . porque juega con su hermanito

el niños sonrien porque se siente contento . que esta jugando

los invitos a @yura16 @cricel93 @roxana94

Saludos amigos de @steemkidss.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-23 at 10.38.28.jpeg

Here is my sister's daughter cute Manulya with a wonderful sunflower smile that God gave her. She is a part of my heart. I take care of her like my daughter. she really loves me and so do I. She can give a wonderful smile and hug to my heart to share that loneliness and pain of my life.

I Invite @damithudaya, @thanushi99, and @randulakoralage.

Hola amigos de steemit. Quiero participar mostrándole la sonrisa de mi hijo antes de la cena de navidad. Esa sonrisa es mi vida propia. Bendiciones a todos.
@andrews11 @aiskelly03 @karelys5318

Hermoso Dios lo Bendiga 🙏😘

Que lindo tu hijo amiga!!! Bendiciones..

Que precioso ese nene amiga... saludos @araodont

Hola apreciados amigos de @Steemkidss, es un placer estar participando por primera vez en esta hermosa comunidad a través de éste concurso, gracias a mi amiga @susej2013 por hacerme la invitación. El día de hoy les comparto una fotografía de mi pequeña sobrina, en dónde se evidencia su felicidad al llegar a la casa de sus abuelitos, a pesar de ser muy pequeña, le encanta tomarse fotografías. Acá la vemos posando muy contenta, en la siembra de maíz en casa de su abuelitos.


Invito cordialmente a mis amigos a unirse a ésta hermosa experiencia :

@zulma2021 @cmarin @yorge2021

Muy linda tu sobrina amiga, hermosa sonrisa

Gracias amiga , bendiciones para ti y tu familia @maryang2021

So beautiful

thank you friend, blessings

You are welcome, I appreciate

thanks to you friend for the welcome

What are friends for? Am happy to have you

Thank you, pal, God bless you

Same. Best regards

Hello @steemkidss
This is my entry for this great contest.
She is my niece, her name is Alaya I took this picture when she was happily enjoying her ice cream.


 3 months ago (edited)

hola buena tarde la comunidad @steemkidss el presento a mi hija que su nombre es victoria monserratia y tiene un mes de nacida. soy de venezuela esta apure @steemkidss por favor mi participación



INVITOS A @roxana93 @andreinaaraque @fannygutierrez12

Concurso de fotografía Steemkids # 5 | comparte la foto de un niño con cara sonriente. mi hija victoria || por @jevis95

Hello @steemkidds,

These are my little cousins Imran and Ilham. I took these photos of them yesterday evening when they were playing. Imran is five years old while Ilham is just three.

I invite @pixiepop, @shadia973 and @muzito08 to take part

Thank you for the invite.

Welcome dia

 3 months ago (edited)

My adorable happy and smiling face.


She was so happy after our regional convention come entertainment. She was serve by her favorite drink and food. Peak yoghurt and fried rice with chicken. I invite @manuelhooks, @esthyfashion and @fonexsignature to join in this contest

Wow, happy baby, keep making her happy

 3 months ago 

Thank you dearest

You are always welcome

 3 months ago 

Such a happy pretty baby! Thanks for sharing her smile with Us. We love 💕 her. Get kids around you verified here

Screenshot_20210819-143040_Video Player.jpg

Hello @steemkidss this is my God daughter and i in church during adoration service. She is smiling because of the flower she is seeing on her head. (snapchat) at this point i here by invite @blessingamey, @cynthia1997 and @cross75 to participate in this contest.

 3 months ago (edited)

Here is Charis smiling like a king that he is. Enjoy staying with him a lot because there is no ideal moment with him.


I invite @desiredlady, @pato86 and @debaron to come and show us the beautiful faces of their children. Userhis link to participate.

Thanks for the invite dear.

Hello kids lovers,I present you My Daniel with his elegant smile.


I invite @pati86, @debaron and @skanky to come and participate.

 3 months ago 

@steemkidss please my participation

This is my lovely daughter, I took her to the village to see Grandma and Grandpa and she was so happy.



Hello @steemkid lover, is yet another activity, these are mine smiling kids picture

IMG_20210801_091933_879.jpg name Excel

IMG_20210801_091857_054.jpg Jenny

IMG_20210724_152843_612.jpg merit

Thank u #steemkids for this contest, I here by invite @eliany @fendit @blacks to join this great contest

 3 months ago 

Baby with Swag Thank you for sharing her amazing smile with Us. She's so beautiful ❤️

 3 months ago 

That is my favorite cousin smiling with me in the church and once I am around, she acknowledge me as a joy giver become I got the key to her button.


Smiling is our culture and that is what we do for a living and great work to @steemkids.
I invite @utibeoeffingart, @ellabae and @nancyhills to this contest.

 3 months ago 

It's just a smile, it can enlivened someone's day. Thanks for sharing this beautiful ❤️ girl's amazing smile with Us here, we love her.

 3 months ago 

I will let her know dear and I am glad you like the picture ma.

 3 months ago 

You're welcome ☺️

hola buena noche amada comunidad @steemkidss. Hoy participaré en este concurso con una fotografia el presento mi princesa valentina tiene dos año y somos de venezuela estado apure el comparto 3 fotos la sonrisa de mi hija muy feliz felicito a la comunidad por esta pendiente de los niños que siempre Dios lo bendiga cada día que pase


feliz por la llegada de su hermana


feliz por ver a su padre


feliz cuanto esta en el parque esa foto cuando tenia 9 meses

Invito a @fannygutierrez12 @roxana92 @rosana94

Concurso de fotografía Steemkids # 5 | comparte la foto de un niño con cara sonriente || por @cricel93

Hello, @steemkidss, today I'll be showing you my aunt's daughter.



Her name's grace and she's fun to be with.
I invite @osbornclark, @iren-hic, @phantom

 3 months ago 

She's so adorable and cheerful thank you for sharing her Wonderful smile with Us here. You can get the kids around you here

BENDICIONES para la comunidad de @steemkids. Mi participación en este concurso será con esta foto representada por mi primita Ashley y mi hijo Emmanuel, este día era el cumpleaños de mi primita antes mencionada y mientras ellos jugaban, decidí capturarlos y los dos posaron con sus lindas sonrisas para la foto. Una sonrisa es el motor de la vida y si viene de un niño nos contagia y nos llena de amor.
Gracias por realizar maravillosos concursos como éste que nos permiten ver a lo más puro que nos dio Dios: Los niños. Quiero invitar a participar a @marianri @aleja15 @scarlex.

 3 months ago 

I invite @dorathy1,@ernesta18,@prudent85 @mosespeace to participate

A nice contest but i want to ask if am allowed to post more than one kid pictures? @ngoenyi

 3 months ago 

Yes but one entry

 3 months ago 

Saludos mi comunidad bella quiero compartir con ustedes la sonrisa de mis hijos y la sonrisa de mis alumnos del colegio. Verlos felices es un regalo hermoso. Así que disfrútenlo.



¡Hola amigos de Steemkidss! Me encanta este concurso, quien no se alegra con la sonrisa de un niño, en especialmente si es el tuyo, así que les comparto la fotografía de mi niña de 3 añitos, muy risueña, definitivamente una sonrisa que contagia.


Invito a mis amigas @brigida-guerra, @angie2014 y @royscupcakes a participar.
Saludos y bendiciones.

Hello steem kids!!

Today I am going to participate in this contest. My name is Maham. I will share a picture of my brother.
I love him so much. I feel so happy when he smiles. He is fighting with LOWE SYNDROME. He is my life. May he get well soon.
I would like to invite my three friends for this contest
@qadarchatha @seharnadeem @adantariq

Wow! I love this contest.
Here is my entry:

This is baby Heavenly who came to spend some time with us. Her daddy's name is Promise and her mummy Peace.
Can you imagine the combination?

I hereby invite @desiredlady, @charis20, @stanleynnah, @debaron, @skanky and @bobbsy to come show us those lovely kids smile

 3 months ago (edited)

This is lovely, thanks for the invite

 3 months ago 

She's so cute! Thanks for sharing her Wonderful smile with Us here. Get your kids verified through this link

 3 months ago 

Wow! Nice contest, I can't wait to participate

Hello @steemkids lover's , l am excited to participate in this picture contest , thanks to @eliany for notification.



Her name is Johanna , she is 2 year , the smile comes from fried potatoes in
her hand , she likes it too much , anytime, l buy her hollandia johurt and fried potatoes , she is always excited.l love her because, she is brilliant and Sharp.
I invite @ijelady , @iamsucess and @jaspeevicky to participate in this contest.


His name is Jersey, He is actually smiling because I told him I will give him my phone so he can play candy crush game.
I invite @beautiefair @kennie19 @warrior02 to participate.


Hello @steemkids
I am @jannat12. This is the picture of my niece. She is so lovely. She was eight months when I captured this click. This picture makes me happier when I see her picture.
I am very pleased to participate in this contest.
Mano Javied 20180206_131818.jpg
I invite my 3 friends.

Hello @steemkids
I am @chaudhrymahrosh. Thi is ny daughter 's picture. She is four years old. Thik very innocent click. She is very smiley.

![Snapchat-1349596734.jpg](UPLOAD FAILED)
I invite my three friends.

 3 months ago 

Thank you @steemkidss for this contest, below is a picture of my baby smiling, she's very playful and loves to smile. Anytime she sees a camera she will just open her 4 teeth. Lol

 3 months ago 

What a joy! I am in love with this smile. I am smiling already

 3 months ago 

Hahahaah, thank you so much @steemkids

Hallo @steemkids
Every time you smile, you will get benefits for health and happiness. A smile not only lifts your own mood, but also lifts the mood of those around you.
When you smile at other people, it gives them a boost of happiness, helps them live healthier lives, and affects how they perceive you. Smile is the color of life.

So, don't forget to smile more every day.

I share this contest to @bundamonteski @bunda-monteski @muhammadbakrie

His name Adam, he is eight years old, he's so clever kids

I invite @mickky13 @kennie19 and @maryclaret99 to participate

Saludos comunidad de @steemkitss, hoy vengo a participar en este concurso con una fotografía de hace aproximadamente un año y medio de mi ahijadita María Virginia. Fue un dia que la tuve a mis cuidados en ese momento logre ver una felicidad inmensa q tenía cuando vio el gatito q tenía por mascota, enseguida corrió detrás de el hasta que logro agarrarlo la deje divertirse un rato con el pero al pendiente de que el no le hiciera daño, ella lo abrazaba y lo apretaba mucho mientras se reía.

En esta oportunidad deseo invitar a esta maravilla de comunidad y por supuesto al concurso a: @yorge2021 @cmarin @julievk


smile is a facial expression of happiness. It usually occur when we are amused


I met her during the summer lessons in my school. She was happy to see me come into her class while I came to pick my junior brother in basic 5

I invite my friends to share a picture of kid smiling face
@sanni12, @ekemini5 and @smartangel


There is nothing my nephews like more than taking pictures, they are ready to pose for anytime and anyday. This picture was taken when they were ready to go to school and was waiting for their father to take them to school.

I invite @ladyofpolicy, @confydence and @rose-o to take part in this contest.


This is Alexie, my grandchild. She is very happy to touch the first fruit of kerson fruit, she tasted it, happy to taste it first.

I am inviting my steemian friends to participate @olivia08 @sarimanok @jewel89

Thank you for the invitation

Thankyou momshie @jurich60 for inviting me 🥰
I will join too ☺️

Hello steemkidss here is my post for the contest <3

My lovely Niece

I invite @tanko98, @pandev and farhmade.

 3 months ago 

Sure bro

what a cute sister you have

Hello @steemkids, I saw this contest not long ago and it got me smiling,below is my sweet little friend,of about 2years old by name Shinayomi,I just came home from school for the weekend,he was busy playing outside,but as he caught sight of me he immediately ran toward me and hugged me, shouting my name isn't he cute?


I invite @hannyscuture @guski
And @eliany


Meet my baby favour who is trying to read, after eating two crackers of biscuit, half to the ground. She is too happy to even cry for ten seconds. Smiling is her hobby.
I invite @madilyn02 , @dequeen ,and @eliany to come participate.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-22 at 19.04.55.jpeg

Hello @steemkids, My little prince is my sister's little daughter. even so, she is always there for me. she has been closer to me than her mom. she stays close to me no matter where we go. I love hearing her cute words. feel like my little daughter. It's really wonderful bond. everyone says that she looks like me. she really likes that. She loves me so much. I also love her a lot. When I
think about this lovely bond, I feel that this is not only my sister's daughter but also some previous lovely bond.💖

I invite @hae-ra, @iamjohn, and @imanthadd

Thank you for inviting me. I will participate.

wow what a beautiful smile dear 🥰

This is sisuru baba. He is one of my brothers. He is 4 years old. He lives in front of my house. Sisuru always like to come to my home and spend time with us. The stories he say is very funny. Everyone loves him. I also love him very much.


Sisuru Baba

I like to invite @rasinkani, @sandu and @saman88 to participate to this contest.

thank you for the invitation Imaaa 😍
we know that you have many kiddos around your home.

Yeah he is very lovely, playful and funny. other than all I think he is very smart.

Yes. You are correct.

KkI couldn't wait participate 😉

She likes fried eggs a lot 😂. When she's playing, you can't get her but when she hears that you are frying eggs, she comes right away.
With her cup of milk in the hand. After that she was no where to be seen. I would like to invite @nantaleesther @shadia931 and @kyars2

 3 months ago 

What an infectious smile, continue smiling amazing kid, steemkidss love you 💕. Thanks for sharing, you can get your kids verified through this link

Thank you @steemkidss for the opportunity to show beautiful smiling kids around the world.


Here's is my friend's son by the name Kosisochukwu Affi. Always happy and smiling in almost every situation.

I will like to invite @akwashphil, @patience90, @charis20 to take part in the contest.

Thank you.

 3 months ago 

Kosi looks great. Thanks for the invite

 3 months ago 

Smile is contagious thank you for sharing this lovely baby's smile with Us . Get them verified through this link

Adorable smile. He is cute, Kosisochukwu Affi welcome to

 3 months ago 

Smile is free and it's a good medicine. It personally warm my heart to see kids smiling:


They were about going to lesson and their Daddy did funny thing that makes them smile. Aren't they awesome 😎

 3 months ago 

This is another interesting one oooo, my entry is [email protected] for keeping us active we will Steem on and on and on 😀💞

Hello @steemkids for giving us opportunity to share happy moments of kids.

This my Aunties grandchild, I normally call him ( OBIM) which means my heart. Each time I call him with that name, he feels happy and answers me with a smiling face. He is a funny boy and always makes one to be happy.
I'm inviting @prudent85, @delightsome1 and @chimeroselam to participate in this contest

 3 months ago 

He have such a wonderful smile and it's contagious! Thanks for sharing is cute smile with Us. You can get your kids verified through this link

Thanks dear

 3 months ago 

You're welcome 🤗

Hi guys,I saw the contest late but I still want to post.Here are my siblings and they are smiling because we just finished eating and they Are happy.


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 3 months ago 

Wow, thank you so much.

You are welcome :)

My little nephew, he just finished sucking drums of milk, you can see the joy on his face. I invite @goodybest, @eliany and @essy Brandy to participate in this contest.

 3 months ago 

He's so adorable thank you for sharing is cute smile with us!

 3 months ago (edited)

Hola queridos amigos de @steemkids aquí les traigo estas fotos de los niños riéndose, estaban alegres porque jugaban en la cama y después quería que le tomara fotos y comencé a colocarles maripositas y caritas de animales y estaban contentos



Invito a mis amigas @mayepariata @sonidiapariata @decuartae

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