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Hello our wonderful kids lovers in the house, it is a thing of joy to always think about our kids. We are back again with another exciting and interesting weekly contest. Our last weekly contest about how best to descipline a child was wonderful. The entries were superb. [Check the contest result here]( Congratulations to the 3 winners who emerged. I am happy for you all.



It is a practice that every child should go to school. But the child as well starts from home. But the child is mostly influenced by one of them. We agree that both have influence on the child but we want to know which one should have more influence on the child. What are the contest tips?


  • From your own perspective, and from what you have observed, school or home, which should have more influence on a child?

  • Why should it be so? Give at least 5 reasons to support your claim.

  • Are you writing from experience or from knowledge?




✓ The contest is open to everyone with or without kids

✓ write at least 300 words

✓Subscribe to steemkids community, it is a must.

✓ Vote and resteem

✓ Invite at least 3 friends to participate especially those who have not subscribed

✓ Use harshtag #influence, #contest, #steemit #yourcountry

✓ Mention @steemkidss in your post

✓ Drop your entry post link under the comment section of this post.

✓ Plagiarism is highly prohibited and your entry will be banned as a result. So please be original. We want to learn from you

✓ please apply all the rules

✓ duration is one week from the date of this contest (02/07/2021)(10am Nigeria time)


Reward pool- 15 liquid steem plus 100% vote from steemkidss account for the winners

We will Reward 5 winners with 3 steem each. We will choose from those who have applied all the rules, who are very creative, who are convincing in their points and who are very detailed.

We will increase the reward if we receive more supports.


Support US

We welcome Support from anyone in form of liquid steem or SBD, votes and donations of all kinds that will help us Support the kids and then grow our community.

We hope and believe that someday, the curators will start supporting us as a community.

We are grateful to

And a host of others

Special mention



Best regards

@steemkids Community

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This is going to so interesting.
We had a similar arguments with a friend some weeks back and I will be so delighted to share my view about this.
Well-done ma @ngeonyi for the insight.
God bless you more


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 3 months ago 

This contest is amazing.

My entry

 3 months ago 

This contest is a technical one,@ngonyi you really know what is going on the world today,I will do my best to participate

Thanks so much for this Contest @steemkidss

Here is my entry link to the contest

Buenas tardes amigos, desde Venezuela les saludos aquí dejo mi enlace para participar en el concurso.

 3 months ago 

Greetings ma.
here is my entry

Thank you

 3 months ago 

This is one contest of all time my lady. It worth giving an urgent attention. Thanks

Hello @steemkidss, I think you wanted to write @campusconnectng instead, you wrote @campusconnestng. Also, you wrote @yuhan2on instead of @yohan2on

Best regards; @jaspichman125

 3 months ago 

Thank you

You're welcome

Have you noticed my entry for the contest?
Here's my entry for the contest

Thanks for the opportunity @steemkidss @steemkids, #steemkidss #steemkids

heya @steemkidss I was just passing by when I saw this , and its very interesting topic for me cause ima mother of 5 cookie monsters . but I think it the HOME influences our kids more , my eldest son is 12 years old , he is like a boy version of me , and shame to say , I was bully back on high school days , one day my son is telling me that he bullied the bully . it back fires at me but I took a deep breath and told him , "well, it was his fault , he is the one started the bullying , and you just stood up for someone , BUT! you are still young and that is not your responsibility , next time you saw someone getting bullied , tell the teachers or advisers and let them handle it ."
cause I dont want him to feel proud and happy cause eventually he will look for that feelings more . and might get him into bullying just like I did before . AND he listen to me .
one day I was outside his classroom to check him out , and I saw his classmate doing imaginary plane landing on his head WHILE HIS WRITING NOTES ! and he just don't mind it as if it was just a fly or summin . when I get talk to him , I asked whos the kid bugging him while taking notes , he laugh and said thats the one i bullied mom , so I asked why his just ignoring him as his playing imaginary plane on his head , he said , his annoying so I just ignore him . he also said when his about to get mean face , the annoying kid stops . but most of the time he just let him annoyed him . .in my thoughts , that annoying kid must be so annoyed that he cant annoy ma son . therefore its HOME influences kids more .no matter what they deal on school , its still up to us parents on how we gonna teach our kids on how dealing stuff . #influence #contest #Philippines #steemit

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