PIT OGRE in my battle!

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The new challenge of @splinterlands has as its subject the monster PIT OGRE, a card that in truth I don't use very much because I often prefer CERBERUS for the same mana but the merit of this challenge is to try also cards that we don't use often and update our game strategies or radically change them. It was not easy to find the right card layout but in the end I did it!


Link to battle Here


Position 1: GOBLIN MECH


In this battle I preferred to put in the front row my now friend GOBLIN MECH, always faithful and in attack never disappoints me. In fact, in this battle it helped me to easily defeat the first two cards, although I had to give up immediately afterwards.

Position 2: PIT OGRE


I immediately placed this card in second position because it can continue the Goblin's offensive attack and further decimate the opponents. The skill that characterizes PIT OGRE is stunning: hitting the opponent, he can slow him down and skip the attack turn.



The monster's ability to slow down opponents is always very useful. Just starting the lead in the first round can lead to victory. It is a card that I always try to insert in my playing cards.

Position 4: CENTAUR


His ability to repel magic attacks is very useful to me when I face enemies with such power. In this case it was not so but it is always a good card with a +1 shooting attack.

Position 5: IMP BOWMAN


Epic card recently acquired, has a good chance of repelling melee or ranged attacks that do not have the ability to fly. It has a mana of 2 and can be easily added to the deck of cards to be placed for the game. Interesting solution.



Always present card of my deck, it is useful for me to cushion the attack in last position, thus preserving the penultimate card that is free to attack!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post

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Yes! That is exactly why I choose the monsters I do for this challenge! I wanna see people shake things up. I know I tend to play with the same cards over and over totally forgetting about others.
Great post organization. I like including the stats of your lineup, it's great to see it all layed out and easy to follow.


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Thank you! 🙏

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