Fallout 2 #5: Back at it Again. (For real this time).

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A while ago (like... a long while ago) I stopped posting Fallout 2 episodes on steemit because I ran into some issues when it came to taking pictures, a problem I still haven't fixed to this day. But recently, I found an alternative method of taking screenshots, a rather annoying method of taking screenshots, but if it works it works.

You can read the last episode here, but I'll summarize it for you:

Our protagonist, Sara, saved some two-headed cows (known as brahmins) from giant scorpions (known as radscorpions), in doing this she got involved in this little bullying plot were two guys we're bullying the not-so-smart child of the brahmin's owner.

We don't like bullies, so Sara dispensed some adequate wasteland justice (she killed 'em dead) and then took all of their possessions, reminder that it's not technically stealing if they're dead.

Sara then headed to "Trapper Town" in order to investigate the constant hordes of rats that come from there, to do so. she had to descend into the mines, right into rat territory. This is where we left last time and unfortunately the contents of this underground adventure will be left to your imagination, because the screenshot-taking software is an ass and I forgot to make a back-up save before entering the mines.


But I still remember what happened down there, so i'll just tell you instead.

Those mines are a labyrinth infested with rats and mutated rats, I honestly don't know why anyone would want to go down there, unless they wanted to get some experienc-wait no, I know why someone would want to go here, there's a gun (probably) somewhere around here.

The real treasure is at the third "level" , the gun, which Sara can use to defend herself from these nasty rats. The problem being, it's guarded by the "Rat King" who has a lot of HP, and deals a lot of damage.

Thankfully, you can kill it quickly by punching him in the eyes, which for some reason is an insta-kill only for this guy.

Sadly, there was no gun there. Sometimes it drops, sometimes it doesn't, but at least we tried.


The other, other reason someone would want to go down here it's because it connects a little area next to trapper town, where you can get a car piece which you can later use for your own car which is necessary in this wasteland because walking everywhere is for losers and Sara isn't a loser.

The area next to Trapper Town.
The car in question.

With this car piece safely stored within our pockets (how does Sara carry that) I ask some more questions in this little town.

Here you can get your first companion! (who I forgot to take a picture of because I'm a forgetful person)

This man's name is Sulik, he's a tribal like the main character and he's currently stuck here in Klamath until he can pay his debt to these fine people (he got drunk, broke a bunch of stuff, the usual story).

The daughter of the owner who's bar he just trashed seems to like him a lot though, looks like not everything went wrong for Sulik.

Luckily for him (or unluckily, if you plan on using him as a glorified meat shield) you can pay his debt for him, and he'll tag along until he gets bored or until you do something so evil he gets disgusted.

Sulik's debt is 350$, money I have right now but money I can't spend, since I'm saving to get Sara some better gear and stuff. It's nice to have this information however, some more questions are asked and they all eventually lead me towards The Den.

This is where we can get a gun.

Oh, in case you forgot what our protagonist is supposed to be doing right now, They're on a quest looking for the holy thirteen, trying to recover the G.E.C.K or something, which will allow their village to re-vitalize their lands and get more water. We've got like... 2 years before they die so we're not in a hurry.

The search for the holy thirteen leads us into Klamath and then into the Den, as we're currently looking for a trader with the name of "Vic" who may (or may not) know where the holy thirteen is.

Welp, that narrows it down.

Now I'll give you some information on this place, the Den is a den of scum and villainy, pretty self explanatory. It's also where I can get Sara a gun, because trying to punch people to death is not so easy when they can shoot you from a distance.

I actually know where to get a gun, but first...


I need to get this girl some proper armor, something that isn't a shiny blue and screams "stab me".

She now looks like a female Mad max.

After that's done, Sara heads to a house in the middle of town and talks to Lara, the leader of a small gang, in order to get a series of jobs that will end up with us getting a gun. (I found about this quest line, and the chance of getting a gun for free, by pure chance)


All of her jobs are pretty much "Go here and do X, now go back there and do Y and finally go back there again and do Z", gets boring quickly, but it's necessary if I want to get a gun quickly and without spending much money.

You literally only have to go to her house and to a church a couple of times, then you have to go and kill everyone guarding the place, you're not alone in this because Lara's gang will help you. The bad part of this fight is that they have guns, the good thing is that this is an RPG and guns do poop-damage (unless they're shotguns in close range or smgs) and the best thing is that they drop their guns when they die.


The general strategy is: "don't rush in you moron, let Lara and her gang be your meat shields" Rushing in will just make all of the enemies target Sara first, which I don't want because she can't take them all by herself (yet).

Right now all that she can do is just stand around awkwardly and just punch someone in the back until they die, after that she picks their gun and starts shooting, which actually does more damage than just punching people.

Finally, after what seems to be an eternity, the first guard dies and drops a gun. As soon as Sara's turn begins I go over to the guard's dead body and pick up his weapon + ammunition.

The fun begins now.

I've built Sara to be someone good with guns, as soon as I pick this thing up I can see that it works, IMMEDIATELY as I try to target someone I see that the chance Sara has to hit with a gun is almost two times the chance she has with her bare hands. The damage is somewhat lacking though...


Soon I manage to kill all of the remaining guards with the help of Lara's cronies, we're not done yet though, there's another fight to be had. Before I can let Lara teleport me to the next fight I pick up everything in the guard's bodies (spare guns, ammo, knives, etc) which I can sell later for profit.

The next fight takes place in an enclosed space, and this time the previous strategy of "stay away" won't work (because for some reason we're spawn in the middle of the room), the best thing you can do here is wait until Lara and co. attack someone and then attack that person yourself, to quicken the process of their death, and then move on to the next target they attack. Just hope that they don't hit you or you'll probably die fast.


When everyone is dead, all that remains is for me to pick up the items on all corpses and then go back to the church to take my reward from Lara (yes, you also get a reward from her in top of all of this stuff being given to you).

This is as far as the screenshots go, I would have taken more but i'm still getting used to this new way of taking screenshots from the game. Fallout 2 does have a way to take pictures buuuut... it's on a format that Steemit doesn't like so I have to convert them first.

Anyway, I won't bother you with my "technical issues", so i'll just leave this here.

Like always, thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day! See you next time.


Good old Fallout! Once it has you, it doesn't let go. You don't play it, you LIVE it...