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RE: 📢 Daily Contest Winner #4 : Tell me how you take care of your health every day (Reward Pool 15 STEEM)

in Steem Healthcare8 months ago

Congratulations to Winners 1.23
@goodybest, @nneoma08, @marianis

And also, to the favorite winner,
@gracyakan, @farady08, @nafisatu

Special! Thanks to all participants :)

 8 months ago (edited)

Thanks @ahyar92
I really appreciate being part of this community
Currently am writing my promotion exams and that’s so stressful to me
But I promise to do my best to participate in the contest “let people know about Steem Healthcare community”. Because I want many people to know about this community and to also join this community.


 8 months ago 

No problem @nafisatu, thank you very much.

Keep the spirit :)

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