"Tell me about your favorite vegetable".

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Hello beautiful Steemians I’m excited to be part of this contest because I loved a lot of vegetables but I’ll only talk about Cucumber for now.

Why I Like Cucumber is because of how beneficial it is to me as a fat/ chubby person and it’s importance to human health.

I also liked it because it contains folic acid and vitamin C,
It detoxify my body
Rejuvenate my skin
Helps me pass Excretes easily
Reliefs stress in my eyes especially when i Refrigerate some slice of it and placed on my eyelid I got relived immediately.
It helps in digesting my food quickly and also help me in loosing weight

Benefits Of Cucumber
The vitamin C and Folic Acid in it, helps smooths the outer skin on humans face
Regulates Blood pressure
Hydrate and Detoxify body
Helps in digestion which act as a coolant in our stomach, helps in slowing down digestion, makes our stool soft, prevents constipation and keeps our bowels movements regular

Help in weight loss: Yes it does a lot of help in weigh loss because it contains 96% of water and are low in Calories.

Better Skin : it’s a beauty skin enhancer which when apply the juice on the skin, makes the skin to glow, soft, and naturally lighten our skin and reduces tanning.
It also reduces wrinkles and fine lines

Sooth Our Eyes: keeping cucumber slices on the eyelid for about 10 minutes relaxes our eyes and reduces puffiness around the eyes.

Prevent Bad Breath: Phytochemical present in cucumber, destroy the bacteria in our mouth that cause bad breath.

Took this picture yesterday when I went out

I eat it last night to soften my stomach so I could stool very well this morning

I love eating it with rice

With these benefits I hope you’ll like eating cucumber like me!
Thank you for reading through my entry.

I’m inviting @hannyscuture , @chigrace and @smarto to join this contest.

 7 months ago 

Good morning @essybrandy thank you for taking part in this contest, we really appreciate, you know as you rightly say cucumber is very good for us I personally used to made cucumber juice and drink. Continue posting your health contents here

Smiles... I’m happy you like cucumber 🥒

Hello, cucumber is very delicious, where I come from we eat it in salads, in vinaigrettes, in many ways, in my childhood, I ate it with sugar as a sweet in the afternoons.

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