📢 Daily Contest Winner # 2 : I am Part of the Steem Healthcare Community (Total Prize - 15 Steem )

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Hello all SteemHealthcare members 👋

Now, we from the Steem Healthcare community team would like to announce the winners of "Daily Contest # 2: I am Part of the Steem Healthcare Community" which has been running for 2 days. We would like to sincerely thank members of the Steem Healthcare community who participated in this daily contest and we are very pleased that this contest was welcomed.

Daily Contest # 2, went very well and received great suggestion and input from participants. We will accommodate this for the progress of this community. One word for all of you, Amazing! we were very impressed.

During this Daily Contest # 2 our team and moderators are working hard to pick the three winning posts and pick the best. We also hope that those who haven't won Daily Contest # 2 can get excited and participate in the next contest too. And we keep trying to hold this daily contest on a regular basis.


List of participants who have participated in the Daily Contest Winner # 2 : I am Part of the Steem Healthcare Community.

Account NameCountryEntry


We sincerely thank all the friends who participated in the first contest in the Steem Healthcare community and we are also looking forward to the upcoming contests where many more will take part in every contest run by this community.


Daily Contest Winner # 1

The first winner @goodybest

Winner 1 : 7 Steem (Bonus! Booming Support)

Entry: The daily Contest #02 I am part of the steem healthcare Community by @goodybest


The second Winner @fakhrulraz

Winner 2 :5 Steem

Entry: I am Part of the Steem Healthcare Community @fakhrulraz || Daily Contest #2


Third winner @nafisatu

Winner 3 :3 Steem

Entry: I am part of the Steem Healthcare community



Favorite Posts # 1 @davidalloy (3 Steem from Moderator)

We also choose one of the good contest posts besides the 3 above. Moderator @ahyar92 suggested to choose 2 favorite winner besides the 3 winners above.

Entry: Daily contest #2: I am Part of The Steem Healthcare Community. By @davidalloy


Favorite Posts # 2 @nneoma08 (2 Steem from Moderator)

Entry: Daily Contest #2 : I am Part of the Steem Healthcare Community



Thank you to those of you who have won the contest that we run in this community and continue to work and actively build this community and we will always appreciate quality posts.






We have also sent steem to the accounts of the winners of this daily contest #2 and you can check your steemit account wallet and thank you for participating in this contest well and I hope that you and those who haven't won this contest are also active in participating in future contests that we run every time.

🥳 Congratulations to the Winner 🏆 again !!

Thanks to admin @imamalkimas and @mudajuli and moderators @ahyar92 and @lidiasteem for doing their best for this community and judging fairly for this daily contest winners

I will be grateful

@,steemcurator01, @,steemcurator02, @,steemitblog for supporting the contest!


Please join us at discord and you can communicate with us for the betterment of the Steem Healthcare community

Steem Healthcare Discord : https://discord.gg/NnpBEdEu4V

Steem Healthcare Website : http://steemhealthcare.org

Support us by delegating STEEM POWER.

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WOW! Thanks a lot for your support
Am really grateful for this.

 7 months ago 

Congratulations to the winners, @goodybest, @fakhrulraz, @nafisatu
And also my choice favorite winner @davidalloy, @nneoma08

And Special! All contest participants, Thank you very much :)

Selamat untuk semua pemenang dan kontestan😇

 7 months ago 

Thank You @rezamusic22

Selamat kepada para pemenang, saya tidak sabar mengikuti kontes selanjutnya

 7 months ago 

Terimakasih @dimasputra :)

Selamat kepada pemenang, kontes yang sangat bagus

 7 months ago 

Kami menunggu partisipasi anda di kontes selanjutnya

Selamat Kepada Pemenang semuanya 🥳

 7 months ago 

Thank you @kebena

Salamat Bagi pemenang, Semoga saya menjadi salah satu diatas dikontes selanjutnya :)

 7 months ago 

Thank You @nabilaku

 7 months ago 

Thank you so much, it was a privilege to participate in the Contest, so I'm grateful. And Congratulations to all the winners!

 7 months ago 

You're welcome, congratulations to you.
Tell your friends from your country :)

Thanks very much for selecting my post
Congrats to all winners.

congratulations to the winners of this contest.🎉🎉🎉🎊

 7 months ago 

Thank You @farady08

Thank you very much @shc-curator and @ahyar92, for their fair judgement in this contest, I pray more of this comes up as time goes on.
I'm really grateful to have been rewarded thus, and to other winners, congrats too.

 7 months ago 

Thank you 😁

Thank you sir, but please I don't fully understand the concept of the contest

 7 months ago 

tell me about the condition of the virus (covid-19), in your country now

Okay sir I will, thank you very much for the much needed assistance

Thank you All,for supporting me congrat to you all See you in next contest.
Have A Nice Day

 7 months ago 

Thank You

 7 months ago 

Selamat untuk para pemenang dan hadiahnya yang luar biasa

 7 months ago 

Terimakasih @lingkar-photo

 7 months ago 

Terimakasi kembali sahabat, semoga selalu ada pemenag yang hebat dalam kompetisi, dan melahirkan bakat baru untuk steem dimasa depan nantinya

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