Alien invasion

in LEGOlast year

The boss turned away from the workers to think; He found just that small detachment gave him the presence of mind to find the clarity of thought he needed to make the weighty decisions he would need to make. Resources getting low they had reported...

It seemed the planet's resources were running out and it the planet wouldn't be able to sustain life for much longer. Something had to be done to save the species. The boss thought and thought...

Decision made, he turned back to his underlings fixing them with the stern gaze of his four eyes. They watched him intently knowing their futures would rely upon the bosses decision.

"You, conehead," the bosses four eyes shifted to one of the fellas..."Get into your rocket and explore the galaxy and see if you can find another planet for us to live on, one with rich resources and a native population we will be able to eradicate easily."

Conehead saluted, difficult to do without arms, but he managed it. He was proud to be chosen for this important mission. Off he went to seek a planet to be the salvation of his species.

The boss watched the rocket blast away into space, silently wishing his scout good luck, then turned back to the job at hand; Extracting the last of the planet's resources and sending it to the processing plant.

As the workers moved off to their machinery the boss contemplated the challenges of terra-forming a new planet, mining operations and processing techniques...All things he would need to find answers to...After he had eradicated the native population of course.

Weeks and months passed and production was good. The boss was happy to see load after load of raw materials being carted away to the processing plant, however he knew it would slow down, that the more they pulled out the closer to running out out they would get.

He wondered how his scout Conehead was coming along in his search, but he had no way of contacting him...So he just waited and waited...And kept production rolling.

Just when the boss was losing hope that the scout would return he saw a flash of light above, heard a booming noise of rocket engines, from above...And down came a rocket. He thought he recognised it, but didn't dare to hope...The rocket landed amongst some boulders and...Out stepped the scout, Conehead, and...Was that a smile on his face, the boss thought. Oh joyous day...Conehead had returned.

The scout reported great news...There was a planet that would perfectly suit their needs. It was a bit used up by the current inhabitants but it stall had many resources they would be able to use and would sustain them for many years to come...Once the current species was dealt with.

The best thing was that the inhabitants, who called themselves humans had a habit of fighting amongst themselves, greedily seeking to gather more and more to themselves at the expense of others; They didn't seem to understand the concept of sharing and war after war had held them back from the greatness they could have achieved...They were also in the midst of a virus that was killing them off at a pleasing rate...It should make conquest a relatively easy thing so that the newcomers could settle into their new planet quickly.

The boss was pleased asking excitedly what this planet was called...His scout, Conehead, said that it was, unimaginatively, called Earth as if the humans weren't even intelligent enough to think up a more creative name

This all sounded splendid thought the boss...A resource rich planet full of dumb-ass inhabitants...Easy pickings, he said to himself.

The boss hurriedly gathered his men to tell them the good news.

"Pack up your equipment fellas. We're going to Earth...It's a shit name but we can change that. Besides Conehead assures me it is awesome and it will be easy to defeat the locals. We'll be enslaving most of them and eradicating those we don't want, so change-out the rock blaster cannon on top of your truck for the vaporiser gun."

The workers shuffled side to side with excitement...It had been ages since they had used the vaporiser gun!

I did some Lego free-styling today. I built the truck you see in these images from scratch, complete with the rotating rock blasting vaporising cannon on the top and opening and closing cockpit. The rocket and workers were off plans, but I free-styled the boss guy. The story...well, I just made that up too...I have no idea if when it will happen...

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