Where on Wednesday fourty two : Grouchy says you're an idiot

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"You're an idiot." Grouchy announced this morning.

I looked up from my computer where I was working on an email for a client, one of South Australia's most wealthy property investors, and raised an eyebrow...No mean feat considering I have eyebrows the size of the largest, furriest caterpillar you ever saw.

"You...Are...An...Idiot." He repeated word by word and much louder as if that would help me to understand.

"Ok, I'll play along ya little shit...Go on."

Grouchy wriggled around as if getting settled in for the long-haul and proceeded to clarify his reasoning behind my idiot-status.

"You're home from work, getting less money sure, but you don't have to leave to see clients, attend the office and no one is keeping tabs on you." He stopped there as if he wanted me to agree.

"No one ever keeps tabs on me Grouchy, but yes, essentially you are correct." I wanted to keep him going as I needed to get back to my email. He proceeded.

"So, what I don't get, and why you are a dead-set idiot, is that you're actually working..." His expression indicated some confusion but he ploughed on..."You sit around on that damned computer tapping away like your life depends on it and yet all that Lego sits there untouched! It doesn't make sense brah. That shit does...Not...Compute. So, you're an idiot." He stopped there and simply held my gaze as if his logic was unimpeachable.

Knowing Grouchy as I do I sort of understood. He loves playing Lego and he enjoys my company when he does so. We chat about stuff as we sift through the Lego, talking about life, solving the worlds problems, and having a bit of a laugh. I think with me so focused on work over the last week or so he has been missing the camaraderie.

I wanted to throat-punch the aggressive little shit but behind the bravado I could see that the little guy was genuinely hurting.

Virus lockdown has been hard on many of us and isolation, boredom and uncertainty has left many feeling a little...Well, isolated, bored and uncertain. It has affected the state of mind of many I guess and I think Grouchy among them.

I decided to be nice to him, to save the throat-punch for later and just talk it out.

"You're right." He didn't see that coming and I was rewarded with a blank look. "I've been working hard lately, haven't had time for you and have neglected our Lego sessions. I'm sorry" I added in the apology knowing it would disarm him. I waited.

Grouchy just stared at me but I could see his demeanour changing, softening.

"Naw man, it's ok you know? I'm just...It's just that...Well, shit dude...I wanna...You know, hang out and shit." He was looking down at the ground, little green non-existent foot drawing patterns there.

"I kind of just miss hanging brah." He finished quietly.

He looked a little forlorn I'll be honest. He likes to think of himself as a mans man, you know, a tough as nails, strong as fuck, bloke who never needs to display his emotions...Typical Aussie.

"I do too ya pelican," I said, adding the insult in to indicate we were still manly men despite talking about our feelings. His head lifted and I could see a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

"No shit? Like for real bro?"

I nodded.

"So..." He stopped there, almost afraid to say the words it seemed.

I let it hang there.

"So..." He said it again, head tilted to one side as if cocking his head would allow him to hear my words more clearly.

"Yeah ya little fucker, let's have a Lego sesh!" I finally said ending his misery.

Right about then he pulled back, acted all cool, as if he hadn't just been opening up his emotional side, revealing his fragile state of mind and the fact that he'd been missing hanging out and simply, cooly said..."Cool."

Nope, I didn't let that email slip by...I attended to it; A complicated and involved email in respect of that clients investment portfolio and once sent I made some coffee, grabbed a couple biscuits and set to work on a Lego session with my little emotional, nutbag mate Grouchy. That's where I am this #whereonwednesday.

Building Lego has always brought me a lot of enjoyment and now, as a 50 year old bloke I still enjoy it. I can remember playing with my brothers and dad making all sorts of creations that sprang from within and simply spending time with the people that mattered.

These days those people are spread far and wide around the globe, but every time I start sifting through Lego and bringing my creations to life it's like they're right with me, and the fact that I miss them so much doesn't seem so bad.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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This post is great.
I have noticed that in some cases, the effect of the confinement, has been to work more than usual. Happy and long life.

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Thanks for your comment...People handle the lockdown differently I guess. I hope you have been well.