COD - One of my favourite first person shooting games from a long time.. i guess ...

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... Call of Duty was the second game i played after the Counter Strike Series 🔫
J was wondering how cool it would be to tokenize assets in a game.. like guns/characters/special skills.. ENJIN is already doing it.. but it'll take time to reach regular games (like COD or Subway Surfer) which everyone plays... 🎮
BLOX is another game based on the TELOS Blockchain that is currently in testing mode.. and pays Cryptocurrency... 🤑
So all together very excited for what lies ahead and how Tokenization of Real World & Online assets may be the next big thing 🔥


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Add me on cod: ŠPARAPUCLA :D

I’m a send you a request. It’s gonna be from BrangDaSmoke7

Sure 😃👍🏻

Awesome😄, codm is fav❤️. Tomorrow is its first anniversary actually so maybe there will be some update in the game and btw if you wanna add me then GRK_prasish10 is my ID😅😅

Sure buddy, will be awesome playing together 😉✌🏻

Congrats on being top 1 ambassador

Thank You 😇🙏🏻

Nice, I haven't tried this one. But I'm addicted to Pubg.😆

Well.. PubG is banned in India.. so we don't have any other option 😆

It's been a long time since I played call of duty. Ahhh memories😁

Well... Give it a try again now.. I'm sure you'll score good.. 😉

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