🙇Fundraising on APPICS solves problems that other charitable organizations are ...

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... struggling with - the most important being transparency.
Supporters know exactly where their money is going when they choose to upvote (or soon donate directly) through APPICS.

💰Users can upvote someone else’s post and raise money for their cause - no fees, no middlemen.
They can also directly send APX to the user ot contact them and ask questions about the cause, a great way to create engagement between fundraisers and supporters.
The fundraisers can also post updates about their cause to keep the supporters up to date to track the progress.

🌎We are happy to see that our community is already using these benefits to help those in need.
Elena Margarita (@elemarg25) from Venezuela needs to have an operation and is in the process of raising funds for that, please go over to her profile to support her.
Her case has been checked and verified.
Let’s come together and help ✨🙏


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Thank you very much for the support you have given me, I hope with the favor of God to fight this new battle and tell the good news and thus be the motivation that the help of many can be achieved. Greetings and my most sincere hugs.

2 APX100% upvotes(Total 5) on your comments and posts. More health and power to you🙌🙌

It's great that there will be a "donate" option directly, this will enable NGO'S to raise funds faster and can also post about the Work done on Appics - showing proof of work...

It is a great initiative.. We all are family here and together we can do everything possible 😍

I love Appics 🚀, we have the potential to Change the world in our hands. 💚
Thanks community 🤗

I already know about that story, great if we can help ☺️🤗If you need any help, Let me know ☺️

Lot of positive thinking and creative planning... Let's do something impossible and show the world

And this is an amazing way to go :) can't wait to help many projects around the globe.

These are amazing possibilities for the future of Appics, I also love to hear the cases get verified, absolutely needed for trust building 💯👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💝

Yeah, this is definitely a good platform to raised funds for charity and we will always support this amazing initiative. God Bless 😇


APPICS makes the impossible possible💪🤙

Appics makes the impossible possible

Wonderful initiative 🙏☀️

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