🔥 Weekly friday meetup *Shoutout edition* ⚡️ Instead of the usual "behind-the- ...

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... scenes", in this episode our APPICS team was given the task to highlight three of their favorite APPICS users with an explanation why they stood out. Hopefully you can get some inspiration on who to follow on APPICS and also gain an understanding of when and why people perceive content as quality content.

💡 We get asked often, what type of content gets upvoted or appreciated by the communtiy and in this video different people explain what type of content they enjoy and are happy to reward with their upvote.

🤔 Now we want to know who your three favorite APPICS content creators are and why! Comment below 💬


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Great idea! I love it! 🔥💕

My favourits are: Photography 📷, Crypto/Blockchain 💰and Stocks 💹

This is amazing!🤩 Great idea.

Yes super what a great idea and very entertaining.
Thumbs Up 👍 🤓

My favorite content creators: @flukey, @fotoblaz, @marlonalvarado🤩

Thank you so much!!!!☺🙏

Introducing some talent users, great idea.

Wow that`s great 💕💕

great top 3 users on week🤩📲

That's great..😍😍

wow thats great

wow so amazing

So beautiful

Stop dancing and start improving the platform.

Thanks for the introduce!

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